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Rock-Slide Engineering Gen II Step Sliders


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Step right up 1 year ago
5out of 5stars
These steps are awesome, they work great, they feel sturdy. I’m only 160lbs, but I have some much larger friends who did the “fat guy rating” as they said, and they’re combined was around 550 and the steps held up great. They didn’t jump, but I think the static weight is just as good a test as any. One of my favorite things about these steps, is that my 2yo can now get in my rubicon unassisted, which is pretty dang awesome. There have been a couple times that the steps did not drop down, and it wasn’t in a manner where you just shut the door and reopen it. I waited till I got home to check them out, and when I got home they functioned just fine. Normally when they don’t drop down, shutting the door and reopening corrects the issue. One thing you cannot see in any videos is a normal person moving while standing on the steps, and I tested them out by kinda shift my weight front to back. And they are still pretty strong, the actuator keeps them in their place as far as front to back motions. I did not purchase the light kit, because of the expressed lack of illumination for the back half, and I am working on a bracket that would assist in this area. I also think it could have been easily integrated, but oh well. As for the dollar to happiness ratio, and was it worth it...... Yea, fully worth it, I feel like people are not sliding out of the seat, it’s more of a natural step out. They are a tad pricey, I waited for a killer Black Friday deal, which is what really solidified it for me, and I did not have to try as hard to justify the cost. I installed them myself, and it was moderately simple, a bit timely, but I did it entirely on my own. So it is doable, and without a lift. The hardest part was the body bolts, as an impact did not work for me. I had to manually loosen, and getting the brackets in between the bolt head and the washer was somewhat of a pain, for 3 bolts, the others were fine. Wiring, is very simple, but the plugs could be a different style, or come unpinned, to facilitate ease of insertion through the grommets. For a perspective, the dealership said ~$500 for install. Also, the dealership offered the normal price without including shipping, where as some places charge for shipping. This was another reason I went with NorthRidge4x4 as the shipping from the manufacturer is around 300, and Northridge was free shipping.
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