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Upon arriving at Windrock Park, we were blown away by how big it is. The park offers more than 73,000 acres and has trails for everyone. We talked with JJUSA officials and got our vendor passes, and set up our spot to hand out swag bags. This JJUSA event had about 125 registered Jeeps, not including sponsors or trail guides. Throw those in and there were about 160 Jeeps just in the JJUSA group. The park is public, so was still open to anyone else that wanted to be there.

Day two on the trails started out a little wet, to say the least. It rained, sometimes pretty heavy, off and on all day. The clay turns into a nasty cement-like mud that sticks to everything. The trails were definitely a little interesting with all the extra water/mud. We ran with the green group on day one and had about 20 rigs in the group. Kevin Hedzik led the group through Trail 26 (which is a Jeep badge of honor trail) and Trail 27, Trail 5, and Trail 6. We returned to camp after the trails, in hopes of dodging the rainfall for dinner. That was not the case, and the rain continued into the night.

Day three started with cloudy skies but only led to a few sprinkles. Of course, the trails were still nice and wet from the previous rain. We ran with the Tiger group and had about 20 rigs on the trails again. We were led by Tish York and ran Trail 51, Panther Rock (another Jeep badge of honor trail) Trail 11, Trail 30, Trail 29, and Trail 33. Wet conditions made for some winching, slipping, and sliding, to say the least. Panther Rock provides a nice overlook out across the TN mountains.

After completing the trails, we headed back to camp. We said our goodbyes and headed for home. This was another great event put on by JJUSA and one that I am looking forward to attending again.