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18th Texas Spur Jamboree USA - 2022

What a fun trip this was. I hit the road on Monday starting my longest drive yet to an event, 23 and a half hours to the destination. 3 hours into the journey I hit Moab Utah and of course had to stop, unload and take a couple of pictures and videos of that incredible place. After that and getting a bite to eat I headed out. With a Goal of hitting Farmington, NM that night, I continued on. Tuesday morning I hit the road early, with a fever lol. Making it to Big Spring, Texas at about 9:30 that night I was ready to hit the hay. Wednesday morning I continued on accompanied by a really awesome headwind. Slowed us down a bit but we still got there late afternoon, still enough time for a couple of good pictures down by the riverfront. By the way, Llano Texas’s Taco bell is amazing! Thursday hits and you can start to see the increase of Jeepers cruising around town. Always a fun sight to see. Check-in is always a blast as well. I headed down to check in a bit early, set up the jeep out front, and helped Jeff and Griff with Jamboree set up their trailer. Hanging with the guys there and talking with all the Jeepers is always a blast. Once we got through and decided what color we would be running with we went out to eat and headed to the hotel to turn in for the night.

                Day 1 and Day 2 line up, jeeps all over the place. As Jeeps started up to leave and head out to Inks Ranch. Inks Ranch is widely known for its guided hunting trips, jeep Jamborees, and Climbing festivals. Such incredible country and terrain.  The rock here in Texas is like 20 grit sandpaper, incredibly course. A ton of the local guys here say that if you wheel a lot here you will only get a year out of your tires. Pretty crazy terrain. There are about 11 different named trails here at Inks Ranch that we ran. Each group runs each trail just in a different order throughout both days. 

-Roy’s Revenge

-The Vineyard

-Hunters Hill



-Waterfall Creek

-Watch Mountain

-Balancing Rock

-Petey Q

-Indian Grinds

-No Killer Duck

                The Trails above are what was run are unreal. From big granite slabs to balancing rocks and big random ponds in the middle of all of this. Just incredible. Definitely one to hit for sure. Just like Palo Duro, Texas, this Jamboree was full of extremely nice and helpful people. The Dinners both nights were fantastic. I love the dinners because that’s when I get to walk around and meet and talk with a lot of the Jeepers. Handing out swag bags and hats, they can't get enough of that. Always great to hear a lot of them saying that they buy from us already. As well as some done have a clue who we are. That is quickly turned around. Always good giving these Jeepers a face to Northridge4x4. 

                After our last big dinner and raffle, I was able to sit out as everyone walked out and was able to say our goodbyes. It's amazing how quickly those places can clear out. I was able to help the guys with Jamboree clean up and pack up before I headed out. I turned in early that night because I wanted to leave before the storm hit early that next day. I’m glad I did because that next day is when a bunch of tornadoes touched down in Texas and I heard there were a bunch of hail storms as well. Just glad I was not caught in that. I got home mid-day Monday and got back to work Tuesday. Another awesome trip in the books!