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HELP SAVE OUR TRAILS - Moab, UT Call To Action!

When you envision epic wheeling along with epic scenery, one of the places that comes to mind is Moab, UT and now we are in danger of losing many of the 4x4 trails in and around Moab.

The Bureau of Land Management BLM has a draft travel management plan to close over 300,00 acres of land around Moab to motorized vehicles. This closure would affect fourteen  4x4 trails and two motorcycle trails. Either closing them off completely or closing parts of the trails to travel.

There is only a 30 day comment period and it ends October 7, 2022. So we do not have much time to get our voices heard to help keep the BLM from closing down these trails.

To get heard, visit the comment page and leave your comment in support of no trail closures:


If you have been to Moab, UT or you’ve been planning on going there in the future or maybe you have no interest in visiting Moab, but you want to keep the BLM from closing even more trails, visit the link above and leave a comment in support of keeping the trails open.




The Red Rock 4 Wheelers club has this to say about the BLM Travel plan:
As expected, the "natural resources" alternative B was modified to close even more trails as requested by Grand County, and would now close all of the Hey Joe Canyon, Hell Roaring Canyon, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim, Rusty Nail, Day Canyon Point, Dead Man Point, Bull Canyon, Ten Mile Canyon, and 3D / Mashed Potatoes Jeep trails, plus the Dead Cow and Tubes motorcycle trails, plus parts of Where Eagles Dare, Buttes and Towers, Wipe Out Hill, and 7 Mile Rim.

If this extreme alternative was chosen (unlikely but possible) it would utterly eviscerate the Easter Jeep Safari trail network and close at least portions of most of the famous named trails featured in guidebooks and motorized events.

The so-called "balanced" or "multiple-use" alternative C (the one the BLM almost certainly intends to adopt) appears unchanged since the preliminary alternatives release a year ago, and would close 2/3 of Ten Mile Canyon, half of Hell Roaring Canyon, all of Mineral Canyon, one of the overlooks on Deadman Point, part of the Buttes and Towers safari trail, the 7-Up trail, and many other lesser known routes.

Alternative D is the "pro-motorized" and has the least amount of closures, but still closes part of the Buttes and Towers safari trail. It could be acceptable to motorized users if they eliminated that closure. Alternative A, the no-action alternative, is of course the best but the BLM never picks that one and always picks one of the action alternatives. So D is the only real option for motorized users to support.