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A  common question floates among Wrangler and 4x4 forums: “What’s the difference between twill and vinyl soft tops, and which one is better?” The Jeep JL 4DR Bestop SuperTop SquaBack Soft Top- Black Diamond Vinyl and Jeep JL 4DR Bestop SuperTop SquareBack Soft Top- Black Twill are both highly rated across the market. Realistically, it’s tough to say that one is necessarily ‘better’ than the other. Both soft tops can be the right option depending on your needs, use and budget. The twill is more premium in feel, appearance, and quieter road use, while the vinyl offers a budget and off-road friendly option for a soft top. Windows are thicker at 40 mm on the twill, vs 30mm on vinyl. Both options include tinted, zipper-less windows and the dual configuration design.These replacement soft tops install directly on the factory frame of your Wrangler. Installation is a moderately involved process, with around 4 hours to install.


2018-2022 Wrangler JL Bestop SuperTop SquareBack Soft Top 


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Bestop SuperTop SquareBack Soft top features:

  • Zipper-less operation
  • Square back style
  • Safari and Sunrider configurations only
  • 31 percent tinted windows


Bestop Square Back Soft Top Configurations

JL 4DR Bestop Supertop Squareback Soft Top

The Sunrider sunroof feature allows you to open the front part (sunroof) while sitting in a front seat.


J; 4DR Bestop Squareback Soft Top Black Twill

The Safari configuration allows for maximum airflow while being shielded from the sun and rain. Easily slide out one, or all three rear windows, while maintaining roof cover. 


2018-2022 Wrangler JL Bestop SuperTop SquareBack Black Twill Soft Top

Twill doesn’t sweat or allow the extreme heat/cold to penetrate through the surface. Offers long-lasting durability, with thicker production and improved insulation. This luxury material is comparable the what’s used on high-end European convertibles. Constructed with 3 layers of sound deadening and thermal insulation. UV inhibitors help it look better for longer against the weather. 40 mm thick windows with a 31% tint to reduce glare and keep heat out of the Wrangler. The difference in appearance between Twill and Vinyl is difficult to capture in photos, but the black twill has a smoother and more rich appearance that will last over time. Maintaining that rich appearance, however, will be difficult if you spend your weekends off-roading. The nature of the material makes it harder to clean off mud and other debris. Twill includes a limited lifetime warranty from Bestop.


Bestop Black Twill Jeep JL 4DR Soft Top

  • Thicker, 3ply material
  • More temperature insulation
  • Harder to clean
  • Quieter road noise on pavement / at higher speeds
  • 40 mm windows
  • Lifetime Warranty


2018-2022 Wrangler JL Bestop SuperTop SquareBack Black Vinyl Soft Top

The black diamond vinyl material mimics the factory top’s appearance and feel. The 30mm tinted windows allow for more privacy and temperature regulations. A basic and relatively inexpensive replacement for the factory soft top. For a basic replacement on an off-road vehicle, this is a better option. The vinyl material may be a better option for frequent off-roaders, as it is easier to clean off after a day on the trails.


Bestop Black Vinyl Jeep JL 4DR Soft Top

  • Thinner, tighter fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • 30 mm windows
  • 5 year warranty

There are of course many other Jeep JL soft tops on the market to consider.

Bestop Supertop ultra softop JL

- Bestop JL 4dr SuperTop Ultra Sft Top- Black Twill


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