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Sidetrack Introduction:

Are you looking to upgrade your lighting situation on your JL, JT or JK? The Oracle LED Sidetrack Lighting system is one of the top lighting accessories available. Highly rated across the 4x4 market, off-roaders favor this mod’s multi-functionality and low-effort install process. Features an exterior courtesy light and a mid-body turn indicator for better visibility than the stock lighting. Our team has created this guide to walk you through the basics of installing your LED sidetrack lighting and highlighted some important tips and techniques from our experts. Oracle Jeep JL and Jeep Gladiator Side Lights, and Oracle Sidetrack Jeep Side Lights for JK lighting systems.

Oracle Sidetrack Technical Details:

The Oracle sidetrack lighting panels adhere to the fenders right behind the factory fender vents. These multi-function LED lights that serve two main functions. One, is the bright white LED that acts as an exterior courtesy light. The second is an amber mid-mount turn indicator that enhances the level of safety and visibility of your Jeep.

Prepping for Sidetrack Installation:

While you can install sitting on the ground, using a jack will certainly give you more access and easier visibility for this process. The first step is to remove the eight plastic rivets that are along the outer lip of the fender. Remove the Christmas tree plug and bolts along the interior edged of the fender. The inner light should pop right out. Then you’ll grab a few plastic trim tools to pry the factory trim up a bit to feed the wires through. We suggest you grind out a small groove on the back side of the factory trim piece to allow more room for the wires to feed through and for the trim to lay flush against the body properly. Feed the wires through the wheel well and let them hand for now.

Side Lights Application:

Use isopropyl alcohol to clean and prep the area where the Oracle sidetrack is installed. We also recommend use a heat gun to warm up the sheet metal fender and the adhesive on the back of the sidetrack to help adherence. Note that once the adhesion has made contact it is very difficult to adjust, so be mindful and accurate with your placement. Remove the tape and apply the adhesive. Be sure to press the sidetrack flush up against the factory vent and press firmly and evenly to make a strong seal. You can use heat shrink electrical tape or split loom will protect the wires from friction around the inner fender.

Leaving the hanging wires on the driver’s side, move to the passenger side and repeat this process. Use the plastic panel tools to create space to feed in the wires and grind out your small groove on the back side of the fender vent. Again, cleaning the area with some isopropyl alcohol and heating the sheet metal and back of the track adhesive with your heat gun.

Sidetrack Wiring:

Feed the wires through the wheel well.

Moving back to the driver’s side, we can now begin the wiring. First, unplug the fender wiring harness and locate the green and white wire. This is where we are going to install the t-tap. We will be removing and reinstalling the fenders multiple times during this build, so we decided to install the t-tap on the body side of the harness. This way, we only have to unplug the fender turn indicator harness. Again, we recommend wrapping the connection in some electrical tape just to make sure it is tight. Reconnect your turn signal indicator, then zip tie the wires up and out of the way. Then, feed the black ground wire up along the fender support and hook onto the factory ground bolt. Fish the white wire through the firewall and connect to the firewall courtesy lamp.



Oracle Sidetrack Install


You will need to repeat this process on both sides, but to make it easier we hooked a jumper wire from the passenger side over to this side and only fish one side through. Then t- tap into the passenger side wire harness. If you choose to wire into the fender, go into the white with a green stripe. If wiring into the body side, wire into the white with the brown stripe.



Oracle Sidetrack Install


Feed white wire into the engine bay; We ran a jumper wire through the passenger side over to the driver’s side, and t into the white wire that goes into the firewall. Run 18-gauge wire over engine bay. Connect the two white wires and secure. T-tap into the driver’s side white wire, and connect the new wire to the driver’s side white wire. Then plugging right into the t tap, you are ready to prep for going through the firewall and plug into the courtesy light.

Firewall & Footwell:

Remove firewall grommet, feed your wires through and apply heat shrink to the high-friction wire sections. Attach connection to the driver’s side white wire, and feed white wire through the firewall and footwell.  Replace the firewall grommet and disconnect the footwell courtesy light by unplugging the harness. Open the wrap and t-tap into the yellow with black stripe wire. Connect wire into t-tap and reconnect the plug.



Oracle Sidetrack Install


Jeep Sidetrack Side Light Final touches:

Replace the fender liners, and be sure to plug your fender lights back in.

Now that everything is set up and installed correctly, be sure to test out the functions before taking your new accessories out on the road. (Lights should be triggered by key fob, door opening and turn signal check?)  

If you’re ready to enhance the level of safety and visibility for your Jeep, check out the Oracle LED Sidetrack Lighting System below: