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Jeep Brake Kits

Big Brake Kits, OE Replacements & More

If you have larger tires or use you Jeep off road, a high performance brake kit is a must to keep your Jeep stopping fast and reliably. Northridge4x4 has upgraded brake kits that fit your Jeep and will help make your Jeep stop like it should, in addition to complete OE solutions from both aftermarket companies and Mopar OEM. Using Jeep upgrades to a beefier machine for offRead More-roading fun is what makes being a Jeep owner so unique. New wheels and tires to further enhance your ability to get off-road can be both functional and eye-appealing. 

Northridge 4X4 stocks several Jeep brake kits for your Jeep JK from names like; 

Dynatrac Brakes 

Hawk Performance Brakes 

Power Stop Brakes 

Teraflex Brakes

Those brake kits are the ones currently in stock ready for delivery and can be as simple as the Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Rear Performance Brake Kit with rotors and brake pads, or a complete Jeep JK brake overhaul like the Dynatrac Big Brake Kit ProGrip Upgrade System that puts performance stopping power on all four corners with new rotors and brake pads.

With your brake upgrade, your Jeep JK not only looks good but now it feels good under that brake pedal! As you crawl around your favorite off-roading terrain, or you simply want the best stopping power on the streets when family or friends are on board, a Jeep JK brake upgrade is another quality investment for your Jeep.

Jeep TJ Brake Upgrade

Have you been wanting to change those ancient brake drums and shoes on your Jeep TJ? You can do just that with a Jeep TJ Rear Disk Brake Conversion.

This kit includes everything you will need to upgrade your Jeep TJ brake system to an all-disc brake system, including calipers and cables for emergency braking.

Looking for a complete disk brake system for your Jeep TJ? The Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck and Towing Brake Kit for front and rear is ideal even more so if you plan on towing a heavy load with your Jeep TJ.

From simple brake pad upgrades, to complete brake systems for your Jeep TJ, Northridge 4X4 puts the ultimate breaking power for your Jeep TJ in packages designed to deliver high performance with superior braking power.

Jeep JL Big Brake Upgrade

The "Big" brake kits are ideal for your Jeep JL and those new wheels and tires you just invested in. Your Jeep JL needs that upgraded stopping power when going to an upgraded wheel/tire package.

The Mopar Jeep JL Big Brake Kit gives you superior stopping power in a big brake package from a trusted name in the industry.

The Hawk Performance Rear Brake Kit will give your Jeep JL high-performance braking in everyday conditions on the street. This kit features Hawk's Talon series high-performance brake rotors drilled out to provide extra cooling to your brake pads.

From a simple upgrade to a higher-performing brake pad, to a complete brake system upgrade, Northridge 4X4 is your one-stop shop for upgrades and information regarding your Jeep.

You take your Jeep and your off-roading seriously, so your Jeep brake kit upgrade should reflect that as well whether you are upgrading brake pads or braking systems.

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