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Axle Back/Mufflers

Axle Back muffler kits are the easiest way to add a little power and some nice sound to your Jeeps exhaust. Simple to install, these kits bolt right in to make this a fun and rewarding mod.  Jeep JK axle back exhausts are the ultimate performance upgrade for your Jeep Wrangler. It will increase your horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. This product will also give Read Moreyou a deeper tone and a throatier roar that allows you to hear the difference in performance between stock and aftermarket parts.

Axle Back Exhaust Systems Reduce the Limits on Your Horsepower and Torque

Jeep mufflers on your exhaust do a great job of muffling sound but can also limit your horsepower and torque. The factory muffler is a restrictive muffler made of steel. In other words, it's not very efficient at getting rid of heat from the engine or improving airflow through your Jeep JK axle back exhaust system.

The best way to improve airflow through your system is to replace that restrictive factory muffler with an aftermarket axle back system. An aftermarket Jeep axle back exhaust system will increase performance by giving you more power and allowing you to hear less intrusive sounds emanating from under your hood.

Recommended Axle Back Exhausts:

Magnaflow Axle Back Exhaust systems from Magnaflow live up to their pedigree as an extension of Car Sound Exhaust Systems.  You can expect your Jeep to sound a lot different with a Magnaflow exhaust.

MBRP offers a great dual rear axle Jeep exhaust for the JK Wrangler and Rubicon.

Flowmaster Outlaw axle-back exhaust is a great option for newer Ford Broncos.

An Axle-Back Exhaust also Gives You a Deep, Aggressive Tone

If you're looking for a deep and aggressive tone, an axle-back exhaust is for you. The design of the muffler was engineered to give your Jeep a deeper, more aggressive sound. The end result is an exhaust note that will be noticed by everyone around you.

The best part is that an axle back exhaust won't ruin your vehicle's factory-like fit and finish like some aftermarket products tend to do. When it comes to installing a new cat back system or axle back system on your vehicle, performance engineers have years of experience designing systems specifically for each model year and make/model Jeep JK owner out there.

Perfect Flow: An axle back exhaust flows better than stock, which means more power to the wheels

Another important aspect of your Jeep’s exhaust system is its ability to flow properly. Exhaust flow is critical for performance, sound, and looks! The stock muffler restricts airflow in an attempt to reduce noise production. However, this muffler design restricts power at the same time. By replacing the restrictive factory system with a quality axle back exhaust, you can unlock power while still enjoying an aggressive tone that sounds great on the track or streets.

With axle back mufflers, you can get all the benefits of a performance upgrade without any complicated installations or time-consuming procedures. Our products come with detailed instructions and step-by-step videos that make it easy for anyone with basic mechanical knowledge or an experienced technician to complete their work in no time!


If you're looking for performance in an axle-back exhaust system, look no further. A new Jeep axle back exhaust will give your vehicle a new sound and feel that will make it stand out from the crowd. This system was designed to be easy to install while maintaining high quality throughout every step of production, which means that when you get this product in your hands, all you have left to do is mount it up!


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