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Add more support and security to your Jeep Cage with these add-on cage bars. Some bar kits for support, some to add in safety harnesses, and some to completely change the look and function of your stock cage. Designed specifically for Jeeps, these bars provide a secure mounting point for harnesses, ensuring both driver and passenger safety during intense off-road maneuversRead More and providing a rugged and stylish upgrade to your Jeep's interior.

What are Jeep harness bars? Jeep harness bars are sturdy metal bars installed behind the front seats of a Jeep Wrangler or other Jeep models. They serve as anchor points for attaching safety harnesses, adding an extra layer of protection for occupants during off-road adventures.

Why should I install a harness bar in my Jeep? Installing a harness bar in your Jeep offers several benefits. It enhances safety by providing a secure attachment point for harnesses, preventing occupants from being thrown around in extreme off-road conditions. Additionally, it adds a sporty and rugged aesthetic to your Jeep's interior, giving it a unique look.

Can I install a harness bar myself? While some level of mechanical expertise is recommended, many harness bars come with detailed installation instructions and can be installed by Jeep owners with basic tools. However, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure proper installation to maximize safety.

Are harness bars compatible with other interior accessories? Most harness bars are designed to be compatible with various Jeep interior accessories, such as roll cages, seat covers, and sound systems. However, it's important to check the specific compatibility of the harness bar with your Jeep model and any other accessories you have installed.

What materials are harness bars made of? Jeep harness bars are typically constructed from high-quality steel or aluminum, ensuring durability and strength. These materials are capable of withstanding the rigors of off-road driving and provide a secure mounting point for harnesses.

Do harness bars affect rear seat functionality? In most cases, harness bars are designed to allow full functionality of the rear seats. However, it's essential to verify the compatibility of the specific harness bar with your Jeep model and rear seat configuration to ensure proper fitment and functionality.

Can I use harness bars with factory-installed seat belts? Yes, harness bars can generally be used in conjunction with factory-installed seat belts. However, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure that the seat belts are properly adjusted and secured for optimal safety.

Are harness bars compatible with aftermarket harnesses? Yes, harness bars are designed to work with a wide range of aftermarket harnesses available on the market. These harnesses typically offer additional safety features and a custom fit for your Jeep, further enhancing occupant protection during off-road adventures.

Can I remove the harness bar if needed? While harness bars are typically installed as a permanent accessory, some models may allow for easy removal when necessary. However, it's important to check the specific product details and instructions to determine if the harness bar in question is removable or requires professional assistance for removal.

Are harness bars legal for street use? Harness bars are primarily intended for off-road use and may not be compliant with local street regulations in all areas. It's essential to research and understand the legal requirements of your jurisdiction regarding the installation and use of harness bars on public roads.

Browse our wide selection of Jeep harness bars and choose the one that best fits your Jeep model and personal preferences. Enhance the safety and style of your Jeep with these reliable and rugged accessories designed to withstand the demands of off-road adventures.  Read Less