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High Steer Kits

Get your Jeep's steering up and out of the way with a High-Steer kit. These high-steer kit are available in drill or no-drill, in a full kit or one piece at a time. Kits from AEV, Artec, EVO, TeraFlex and many others great brands. With our high-quality high steer kits, you can elevate your driving experience, tackle challenging terrains with confidence, and maintain precisRead Moree control over your vehicle's steering, even in the most demanding conditions. What is a high steer kit? A high steer kit is a suspension upgrade that relocates the steering linkage and steering components to a higher position on the vehicle's axle. This modification improves the steering geometry, reducing steering angle limitations, enhancing ground clearance, and increasing overall stability.

Why should I consider installing a high steer kit? Installing a high steer kit offers several benefits. It helps eliminate steering linkage interference with other suspension components, reduces bump-steer, increases ground clearance, enhances steering precision, and allows for the use of larger tires without compromising performance or safety.

What vehicles can benefit from a high steer kit? High steer kits are particularly beneficial for off-road vehicles, rock crawlers, lifted trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. They provide improved steering control, especially when navigating rough terrain, rock obstacles, or steep inclines.

Are high steer kits compatible with my vehicle's existing steering system? High steer kits are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles. However, it's crucial to ensure that the specific high steer kit you choose is suitable for your vehicle's make, model, and suspension setup. Consult the product specifications and compatibility information to find the right kit for your vehicle.

Can I install a high steer kit myself, or should I seek professional assistance? While installation difficulty can vary depending on your mechanical skill level and familiarity with suspension systems, it is generally recommended to seek professional assistance for installing a high steer kit. A qualified technician will have the necessary tools, expertise, and knowledge to ensure a proper installation and alignment for optimal performance and safety.

What components are typically included in a high steer kit? High steer kits typically include components such as heavy-duty steering arms, drop pitman arms, tie rod ends, drag links, and mounting hardware. Some kits may also include additional components like adjustable track bars or relocation brackets, depending on the specific vehicle and kit configuration.

Will a high steer kit affect my vehicle's ride quality? When properly installed, a high steer kit should not significantly impact your vehicle's ride quality. In fact, it can enhance steering response and control, leading to an improved overall driving experience. However, it's important to ensure proper alignment and suspension setup to maintain optimal ride quality.

Can a high steer kit be combined with other suspension modifications? Yes, high steer kits are often compatible with other suspension modifications. However, it's essential to consider the compatibility of various components and ensure proper installation to maintain the integrity and performance of the entire suspension system. Consult with a professional or refer to product documentation for guidance.

Are there any maintenance requirements for a high steer kit? Like any suspension component, regular inspection and maintenance are crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. It is recommended to inspect the high steer kit for any signs of wear, damage, or loose components periodically. Additionally, proper greasing and adjustment of the steering components may be necessary.

Where can I find a reliable high steer kit? Our store offers a wide selection of high-quality high steer kits from reputable manufacturers. Browse our inventory to find the perfect kit for your vehicle, ensuring enhanced steering performance, durability, and peace of mind during your off-road adventures.

Investing in a high steer kit is a smart choice for off-road enthusiasts, rock crawlers, and those seeking improved steering control in challenging conditions. With our extensive range of high steer kits, you can elevate your vehicle's steering performance, increase ground clearance, and enjoy the confidence to conquer any obstacle in your path. Explore our collection today and take your off-road adventures to new heights with a high steer kit tailored to your vehicle's needs.  Read Less