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Jordan's Upgraded Jeep Gladiator JT

Today, we dive into the long list of upgrades Jordan has made to his Jeep Gladiator JT, transforming it into an off-road powerhouse. Each modification not only boosts his rig’s performance and resilience, but also its versatility and style.

Suspension and Steering:

Jordan's suspension and steering upgrades are essential for superior off-road performance. The enhancements include high-performance shocks and springs designed to handle extreme conditions while improving comfort and control.

Product Price Features
EVO Manufacturing Bilstein 5100 Rear Shocks Jeep JT $240.00
  • Adjustable damping
  • Enhances stability
  • Suitable for 2.5-4.5" lift
EVO Manufacturing Bilstein 5100 Front Shocks Jeep JT $240.00
  • Improved control and comfort
  • Optimal for 2.5-4.5" lift
  • Enhanced off-road durability
Rock Krawler X-Factor Rear Lower Control Arms Jeep JT $454.16
  • Superior durability
  • Enhances vehicle articulation
  • Optimized for off-road performance
Rock Krawler X-Factor Front Lower Control Arms Jeep JT $439.71
  • Increases suspension travel
  • 1.75in steel construction
  • Improves handling and responsiveness
Rock Krawler 4.5in Front Coil Springs Jeep JT $275.00
  • Lifts and levels the front of the vehicle
  • Maintains a comfortable ride quality
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
Rock Krawler Rear Spring Kit 4.5" Lift Jeep JT $383.87
  • Provides balanced lift for the rear
  • Enhances load capacity
  • Includes coil springs and spring correction pads
Clayton Adjustable Rear Track Bar Jeep JT $309.00
  • Constructed from 1 3/8" X 5/16" DOM Tubing
  • Adjustable to suit lift heights 0-6in
  • Increases stability and handling precision
TeraFlex Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 Fast Adjust Steering Stabilizer Jeep JT $405.99
  • Fast adjustability to adapt to terrain
  • Three preset stiffnesses
  • 5/8" Induction hardened chrome plated shaft


Braking Systems:

Upgraded braking systems are crucial for ensuring safety, providing Jordan's Gladiator with enhanced stopping power and better control on steep and slippery surfaces.

Product Price Features
Grimm Offroad Rear Brake Line Kit Black Jeep JT $74.95
  • Enhanced fluid pressure response
  • 25 inch length
  • 304 stainless steel crimp collars
Grimm Offroad Front Brake Line Kit Jeep JT $74.95
  • Increases braking efficiency
  • 38.5 inch length
  • UV and abrasion-resistant black PVC cover


Off-Road and Utility Enhancements:

Jordan added several utility tools to enhance the Gladiator's functionality, making it not just a vehicle, but a dependable partner in off-road adventures.

Product Price Features
ARB Twin Compressor $616.00
  • High volume air output
  • Compact design for easy mounting
  • Anodized mounting bracket
ARB Digital Tire Inflator Braided Hose w/ Chuck $70.00
  • Precision digital readout
  • Easy clip-on chuck
  • 600mm dual swivel PVC coated braided hose
ARB Air Compressor Hose Kit $94.00
  • Includes all fittings and 23-foot hose
  • Expands the usability of compressors
  • High-quality materials for durability and heat resistance


Styling and Protection:

Styling and protective upgrades ensure the Gladiator not only looks good but is also well-equipped to handle the rigors of off-road driving without sustaining damage.

Product Price Features
Quake LED Slim Smoked DRL Fender Chop Kit Jeep JT $494.98
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal
  • LED lights for improved visibility
  • Premium waterproof DRL lights
Bestop Supertop for Trucks 2 Black Diamond Jeep JT $1,049.99
  • Flexible use for cargo protection
  • Collapsible frame
  • Easy to install and remove
Rock Hard 4x4 Bolt-In Ultimate Sports Cage Brace Kit Jeep JT $699.59
  • Increases cabin safety
  • Reinforced support for off-roading
  • Bolt-in installation for easy setup



There are many more upgrades on Jordan's Jeep Gladiator JT, but we couldn't fit them all here. If you want to take your Gladiator to the next level, and create an offroading powerhouse, click here or call us today!

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Until next time, keep exploring and enjoy the thrill of off-roading!