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The 2024 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah is on the horizon, and Northridge4x4 is here to fuel your excitement and prep your ride for an extraordinary off-road journey. Let's dive into the realm of exceptional upgrades to ensure your Jeep stands out on the diverse trails of Moab.

Suspension - Elevate Your Adventure:

Revitalize your Moab expedition by elevating your Jeep's suspension. Lift kits are a gateway to creating a high-performance offroading machine, as they increase your ground clearance, but more importantly, they allow you to equip your Jeep with larger tires. Our carefully curated selection of lift kits and shocks is engineered to strike the perfect balance between height and a smooth ride. Whether you're navigating challenging trails or conquering captivating canyons, a robust suspension system is your gateway to off-road triumph. Here's a few options for lift kits and their lift height, applications, tire clearance, and price.

Rock Krawler 2.5in X-Factor System Lift Kit

Brand Teraflex Rock Krawler Rough Country
Lift 2.5in 3.5in 6in
Fits JK 4 door JK 2 door JT
Tire Size 35in 35in (OEM Fenders) 38in (Flat Fenders) 37in
Price $1032.99 ~$2500 (depends on shock choice) $1299.95


Wheels and Tires - Traction Where It Counts:

Maximize your Jeep's off-road prowess with high-performance wheels and tires. Our extensive range covers various terrains, ensuring you snag the perfect set for mastering Moab's diverse landscapes. From mud to sand, grab the traction you need for daring climbs and exhilarating descents, making your Jeep trail-ready.

If you're planning on hitting the toughest trails, you'll need a set of beadlock wheels. These wheels give you better tire security, but often come at a higher price point. If you don't need to show off, or are on a budget, then go with non beadlock wheels.

**When buying wheels and tires, make sure that your wheel diameter matches the diameter that your tires fit, and make sure that your lift kit can clear your tire size!

AEV Salta Series Wheel 17x8.5 5x5 10mm Offset Matte BlackNitto Trail Grappler M/T 35x12.50R17 Tire


Jeep Body Parts/Armor - Shield and Elevate:

Conquer Moab's rocky trails with confidence by outfitting your Jeep with rugged body armor. Our collection includes jeep skid plates, jeep fenders, jeep rock sliders, jeep hood, and much more – all designed to enhance both protection and style. Transform your Jeep into a trail standout while gearing up to tackle any challenges that come your way.

If you don't know what to start with, we recommend starting with skid plates and jeep differential covers. It is critical to keep the components on the bottom of your Jeep protected from damage. You can buff out a scratch or dent on the side of your Jeep, but damage to its underside usually leads to component replacement.

EVO Manufacturing Rock Skins BlackEVO Manufacturing Mini Fender Liners Set


Jeep Bumpers - Power Up Your Front End:

Revitalize your Jeep's front end with our selection of heavy-duty bumpers. Whether you seek added protection, winch compatibility, or a sleek appearance, our range of bumpers caters to the diverse needs of off-road enthusiasts. Strengthen your Jeep's front and amplify its overall performance.

While not as grand of an aesthetic upgrade as a front bumper, a new jeep rear bumper may be a wise upgrade to protect the rear of your Jeep.

LOD Destroyer Shorty Front Bumper w/ Bull Bar Black Powder CoatedLOD Signature Series Mid-Width Front Bumper w/ Bull Bar Black Powder Coated


Jeep Headlights and Aux Lights - Illuminate the Night:

As the sun sets over Moab, superior lighting becomes essential for safe and thrilling nighttime trail runs. Explore our premium headlights and lighting options, meticulously crafted to brighten your path and ensure you can navigate the darkness with confidence. Light up the night and make every trail adventure unforgettable. If you really wanna light up the night, choose from our wide selection of Jeep light bar kits.

Auxiliary lighting is only necessary if you're planning to do night runs, but if you can swing it, why miss out on such a unique experience? 

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution J2, Black Bezel Headlight KitBaja Designs OnX6 10in Driving/Hyperspot Light Bar


Overland Coolers/Freezers - Stay Cool on the Trail:

Stay refreshed during your off-road adventures with our selection of coolers and freezers. Whether you're camping under the stars or taking a break between trails, keep your drinks and snacks cool with our reliable cooling solutions. Elevate your trail experience with refreshments always at hand.

Please note the difference between coolers and freezers. Coolers are your standard ice coolers, but here at Northridge4x4, we've picked only the highest quality coolers to make sure your drinks stay cold even after a long day on the trail. Freezers, on the other hand, require a power source and are usually placed at a premium price, but can keep your drinks cold as long as they have power. They're ideal for keeping drinks cool on long camping trips where you don't have access to electricity. 

XG Cargo Ice Box Cooler w/Cutting Board 21 QtARB Zero Fridge Freezer - 47QT


As you prepare to embark on the 2024 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, trust Northridge4x4 to equip your Jeep with exceptional aftermarket products. Boost your Jeep's performance, shield it from the elements, and light up the trails at night. Get ready for an off-road experience like never before – Moab, here we come!

Explore our full range of Off-Road Products at Northridge4x4 and gear up for your adventure!

Let us know what you've got (or are planning on getting) on your ride in the comments!