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Kargo Master Low-Pro Roof Rack System

MODEL # KMS55040


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Out of spec components, missing parts and misprinted instructions 8 months ago
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Still dealing with Kargo Master on this absolute nightmare of a product. I received the rack fast after my order (Northridge can’t be beat, always amazed at how fast I get my orders) but some critical components were missing to complete the assembly of the rack. Of course, when I realized this it was after 4pm on Friday (customer service at KMS stops taking calls at 4pm and are closed on weekends). So the following week I get my missing parts from KMS just to realize the extrusion parts are out of spec. The holes are in the wrong place and had I not been careful I’d have drilled holes in the wrong places on my top! Also, the instructions provided in the kit about where to drill the holes into the top are misprinted. Had I followed the instructions that came with the product I’d have also drilled holes in the wrong spot. For a $1300.00+ rack this is completely unacceptable. This rack is just a pile of parts that have been in my way on my garage floor since I bought the thing. Still waiting on KMS to get back to me about how they are going to resolve the out of spec parts (misplaced holes in a piece of extruded aluminum). I really wish I would have bought something else but I got rid of the boxes already and have no idea how I could get this piece of crap shipped back to the clowns that built it (it was dropped shipped here by a semi because the rails were to long and heavy to ships fedex or ups). Should be our camping right now with my family but I can’t carry my tent without this stupid rack. Run away when it comes to Kargo Master. Obviously their quality control is non existent. I’d give this product zero stars if I could.
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