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ARB Fridge, Tie Down and Harness Package

ARB Fridge, Tie Down and Harness Package

ARB Fridge, Tie Down and Harness Package
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Trying to figure out which Fridge suits you. Here is what each one offers.

The Classic  Fridge was introduced in 2009 and it became an instant hit. The Classic II features an updated color scheme and provides a Bluetooth operated monitor (FAR superior to the Wi-Fi system brand D uses) that can check OR change the temperature and functions of the fridge.  This can be done on our Linx accessory interface system or your smart phone.   The temperature range is from 0*- 50* and the fridge can maintain a temperature 90* below ambient (I.E.- at 100* ambient temperature the fridge can maintain 10*).

The chassis of the Classic II is unique to ARB and offers the strength needed for off road use.  The fully removeable lid makes loading and unloading easy in tight confines and  the positive, durable latch prevents the scattering of fridge contents when that big bump is hit.  The variable speed motor provides just the amount of power needed and no more to allow it to be highly energy efficient. Max amp draw is just under 7 amps and it averages about an amp per hour of use.The Fridge also has a built-in battery monitoring system. This system will shut down the Fridge when a predetermined battery voltage has been reached. There are 3 settings: Low 10.1V, Medium 11.4 V and High 11.8V. These prevent running your battery down too low and possibly damaging it.    

Like all of theFridge designs, the Classic II has a built-in LED cabinet light and a drain plug. All Fridges are also supplied with both a 12V and 110power cords. These can both be used at the same time which works very well in motorhome, trailer or boat applications.  These sound like simple additions but they are not available in all brands.

The Elements Fridge has been a real game changer. It is a true outdoor Fridge and has proven adept and handling the environment. While it encompasses many of the features of the Classic II Fridge, it also features a fully weatherproof exterior that has a stainless steel case and tamperproof controls. The stainless case helps prevent solar heat gain and surrounds insulation more suited for external applications.  The tamperproof controls have a touchpad panel that operates a unique magnetic lock. In the closed position only the keypad can be accessed. This prevents any adjustment of the temperature or battery control feature. A padlock recess is also provided for additional security. There are security screws at the bottom of the case that are designed to be used with the optional bed mount bracket. This bracket allows you to affix the Elements Fridge into the bed of a truck and lessen your chance of theft.      

The Elements Fridge is provided with a gas strut on the lid to hold it open. There is an optional wireless monitor kit available that will allow the user to keep track of the battery voltage and temperature.  The Elements Fridge is only available in a 63 quart unit.

While many of the features of the other Fridges are used on the ZERO Fridges, the most important addition to the line are 2 new dual zone models. These Fridges have separate zones for refrigeration and freezing.  They have separate controls so you can adjust to suit your needs. While both of the dual zone fridges are side opening units, the 101 quart unit has 2 separate reversable lids.  This really helps you orient the fridge where it works best for your application. The 73 quart unit also is a reversible side opener but it has a single lid. While it still has 2 separate compartments and dual controls, it has a removeable internal wall to allow use of the entire interior as a single compartment.

The new ZERO Fridge also has a new basket design that is a very flexible, adjustable storage design. It does a great job of separating the area and allowing storage of varying sizes of items. Another new feature ZERO brings to the line is dual 110V outlets- one at each end of the fridge. This allows far easier access to the 110 outlet when the Fridge is already installed in the vehicle. Frequently a customer will precool the fridge using 110V before leaving on a trip or just plug in the full Fridge if they plan on leaving the truck sit for an extended time with food in the fridge. It also has a USB port that is handy to charge your phone or tablet.


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