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Bestop 2-Piece Door Set Full Fabric Front

MODEL # BST51798-35


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Great if you know what you are buying 4 years ago
5out of 5stars
Noisy? Yes. Let water in? Yes. Gaps around the edges? Yes. Handy to have if you want a weather contingency while running open? Heck yes. Take your carpet out, pull your plugs, throw these in the back & hit the trail. Perfect for what I got them for. Too expensive? Good luck finding anything else.
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They can be great - but it takes some effort 3 years ago
4out of 5stars
Ok, I hesitantly bought these after reading horrible review after horrible review. But I figured I would try my luck, and hadn't come across any better option. You do have to be mechanically inclined for these to be great, or know someone who is. In my case, the latter. So here's what me and my dad did: Loosen the 7/16in behind the fabric on the front. Move the correlating bar of the frame down so the latch can catch the factory door latch. Now it will close. Onto fixing the issue of it letting weather in. We put the doors, one at a time, between the two parts of a ladder along with a large piece of cardboard to protect the fabric. With me standing on the ladder to keep it from moving, my dad pulled up on the top half of the doors, so they bowed in. This has kept the recent heavy rains out of my Jeep. When closing the doors after this, just remember to push in on the top front part of the door. All in all, I do recommend this, but it takes work and some mechanical know-how to get it right.
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Soft Doors  4 years ago
2out of 5stars
They are very expensive and for the amount we paid I’m very disappointed in the way they are very cheaply made , they don’t fit tight to the jeep to many air spaces . We have to put extra on the top of the door just so the rain or air don’t get in.. would not buy these again nor Would I recommend these type of doors
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1out of 5stars
First off I have owned about 20 jeeps over the past 40 plus years. I am no stranger to Bestop soft tops and doors. The fitment of this product was horrible. Large gaps along the bottom of each door. The 3 rods on the uppers barely lined up to the corresponding inlets on the lower doors. After joining the upper half to the lower half it was nearly impossible for one person to separate them. Adjusting the latches so the door would close was extremely difficult. After messing with alignment for over 2 hours I was finally able to get the doors to close. However the first time I removed them and then put them back on I had to fuss with alignment all over again. When driving at 40 mph the uppers caught the wind and bowed out like a sail. I would not have been comfortable driving at 65 to 70 mph during my daily commute to and from work. I returned the doors after less than 24 hours! VERY DISAPPOINTED in Bestop and this extremely overpriced under engineered product. DO NOT waste your money. On a positive note, Northridge customer service was very helpful during the return process and I received 100% money back without having to pay a restocking fee.
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