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Bestop Sunrider for Hard Tops - BlK Diamond

MODEL # BST52450-35


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Bestop Sunrider for Hard Tops - BlK Diamond ( Part Number: 52450-35)
Bestop Sunrider for Hard Tops - BlK Diamond ( Part Number: 52450-35)
Nice Top 9 months ago
5out of 5stars

Great top easy access. Go open air all summer long now. Changed out the front roll cage attachment bolts, provide were just a little short.
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Bestop sunrider for hardtop 9 months ago
5out of 5stars

Normal time for shipping the unit it self is great , haven't gone through the car wash yet. I cant believe that Bestop people can't add another 1/4 to their hand screws couldn't be a more difficult job than it has to be had to use a clamp took like a hour for 2 screws other than that looks the
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Great top love it... 5 years ago
4out of 5stars

I bought this top the week they released it. When I seen this top at SIMA 16 I knew I would have one. It seemed like forever for them to release it. But I was happy I waited. Install, The directions tell you it will be half a day to install. I had it installed in 2 hours. One thing the directions don't tell you is to make sure the rear seal is tucked in before tightening the top on. I had to go back and take some hardware off to make the rear seal look uniform. Not a big deal but it would have been nice if that was stated in the directions. Road noise, I have 37 inch tires and they make a lot of noise anyway. But the top did let in more noise then the hard tops. I was expecting that. Around town the top is everything I expected it to be. Freeway noise is not the best. I can hear air coming into the Jeep after 55 MPH but it was not bad. I think I only noticed it because I'm always listening for any noise. Waterproof/leaking the first rain I had one small leak on the drivers side over the door. When I got home I tightened the hardware on the top and the leak stopped. I ran it through a car wash after I had tightened the hardware and no leaks. The top has only been in the rain 4 times. But like I said after tightening the hardware, it made the top water tight. Top Open, To open and close the top is very easy. The kit came with two velcro straps that say to install when the top is open. I have never installed them on the Jeep with the top open. I thought with the top open it would get all kinds of noise. To my surprise the open top was very pleasant. No whistles and very low wind noise. The wind does come into the Jeep, and the amount is perfect. With the windows up the top is even better. I live in Las Vegas and when it gets over 105 having the windows up and the AC running is the best. I get sun on my head and the AC keeps me cool. My girlfriend has long hair. I would suggest you keep a hat or hair tie for her in your jeep. The wind does blow her hair into her face. Dislikes, As much as I love this top, I have one thing that I didn't like. If I ever want to remove the whole hard top after installing this kit. I have to remove the kit to remove the rear part of the hard top. So it would probably take about two hours to remove or reinstall the top. Top open it doesn't lay flat on itself. It has this big plastic part that sticks up when the top is open. I would rather it lay flat but it's not that big of deal. Price, We'll I guess I bought one. But I did think it was more then it should cost.
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