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Oracle Flush Mount LED Tail Lights

MODEL # OCL5891-504


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Best lights that looks OEM 2 months ago
5out of 5stars
I have tried 4 sets so far and these are my 4th final set as they're nice and flush with OEM looks. Install was easy and simple, the clips were kinda loose for the resistor's mounting plate, but with a plier you can make it fit snug. As you can see the review from the other guy's review, I don't have any issues with the driver side, but only the passenger side. It has some play in it, I trimmed down the housing and it fits much better without a play. The reverse on these are crazy super bright. I think these are the best tail lights.
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Awesome taillight but needs some tweaks for a perfect install 2 months ago
4out of 5stars
I’m not a huge fan of most aftermarket taillights but I saw the equivalent version of these on a JL and really liked them. I watched and waited for the release of the JK version and preordered them. When they showed up I installed them that same night I was so excited. Packaging was a 10/10. Nice detailed color installation instructions: not that JK taillights should require this but very nice nonetheless. Comes with a mounting bracket for the LED resistor that just slides onto the sheet metal seam inside the taillight cavity: very nice. Wiring was clean and professional looking with connectors in all the places you might want them. Now for the downsides. The resistor mounts to the previously mentioned bracket with two bolts and two nyloc nuts; however, the bolts I received were too short to actually engage the nylon locking feature so I recommend getting some slightly longer bolts so things don’t rattle loose and fatigue out the wires should the resistor come completely loose. The next issue I encountered was after the taillight was fully installed and the two screws that hold the light to the tub were fully tightened the outer section of the light had about 1/8” of play to the body of the jeep. There’s a wedge feature that is supposed to grip the tub from the inside since there are no screws on the outer corners of the factory lights but there was simply way too much gap. It was an easy fix by removing the light and unscrewing the little wedge gripper from the housing, then I took a dremel sanding wheel to the standoffs on the housing side (mark with silver sharpie on the sides of the post so you know how much material you are removing). I did this twice just so I didn’t remove too much material. Screw the little wedge grippper piece back onto the housing and install the lights back onto the jeep. This took out 95% of the play I originally saw and I’m not worried about it rattling against the tub anymore. End result is fantastic. Lights work perfectly and are nice and bright, especially the reverse light. Overall very happy with my purchase and a big improvement over stock (looks and function) but the install which should have taken 10 minutes took closer to 45 with the dremeling work required for a nice tight fit and finish.
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