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Teraflex Forged Adjustable Trackbar, Front

MODEL # TER1753418


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An Absolute Must 4 months ago
5out of 5stars

I installed the Teraflex 2.5" lift with shocks and springs. I didn't get this trackbar at the time. All of my research pretty much lead me to believe, for whatever reason, I didn't need it. Once the lift, new Fuel wheels, and BFG '35s' were on I noticed the steering was sketchy at highway speeds. At first I thought there were loose bolts or improper torque settings. I had a few white-knuckle steering scares while traveling down the highway which made me get this trackbar. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Do yourself a favor...don't hesitate. If you went up and installed heavy wheels/tires, get this trackbar! You'll be very thankful you did! Note: When I installed this I also replaced the front lower control arms with the fixed Teraflex control arms. I think my biggest problem was a flexing trackbar though.
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Misunderstood Product 7 months ago
4out of 5stars

A lot of people attribute "death wobble" with a front trackbar but you should really be doing research when it comes to steering components. Having a real world lift, not advertised, of 3" or more will throw off your steering geometry and while the trackbar will recenter the body over the axle it's not a problem solver. Getting your trackbar and draglink as parallel to one another is the key. My 3.5" lift only had my body/axle off by .75" which isn't bad but the angle at which my draglink and trackbar were at made steering less than optimal which resulted in occasional bump steer. In order to get your steering geometry closer to stock after a +3" lift you'll need an adjustable trackbar, draglink flip, and trackbar relocation bracket to raise the trackbar in order to get it parallel with the flipped draglink. You could do a pitman arm drop but a draglink flip is preferred. If your body/axle is off center by a 1/2" or more on one side I would consider an adjustable trackbar simply to reduce the strain on the stock trackbar/brackets from wearing out or breaking but if you are lifting your Jeep to higher levels that you have this problem then you'll want all the stuff I've mentioned regardless and installing one without the other can make your steering worse. There's a big difference between death wobble and bump steer, most people with newer vehicles and low miles have bump steer symptoms since nothing has had time to get worn out. Once a true death wobble is triggered you have to come to a complete stop unlike bump steer where it will typically go away after a few seconds. BTW, make sure you have a torque wrench that goes to 125 ft lbs for trackbar bolts. A lot of times folks just don't have stuff torqued properly.
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teraflex front track bar 11 months ago
4out of 5stars

i bought a ajustable front track bar for my 2017 jk 2 doors.because he made the death wobble after i put a 3.5 inch lift kit(from rough country).the instal took less than an hour,after i center the axle,i put the steering wheel straight and took to the alignement shop and the wobble stop.the steering damper is recommended too
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