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    Great shocks for my DD
    Alohn2000 1 month ago
    I replaced a leaking set of Fox with these 6 months ago. They have been awesome! They ride better than the Fox in my opinion, and you can adjust the firmness of the ride as you like. I'm running them in the softer setting, and they're a little firmer than the Fox in this setting. When I tow my utility trailer though, I flip the rear to the firmer setting and it helps. Overall, I love these and will be sticking with Teraflex Falcon shocks for all my Jeeps from now on as I've had constant issues with Fox shocks leaking within a year.
    Teraflex Falcon SP2 2.1 Monotube Shocks - 2in-3.5in Lift

    Second time using them, works prefect
    Alohn2000 1 year ago
    This was my second time using these on a JK, both times with a Teraflex 2.5" lift kit. They make a noticeable difference in the ride (smoother up front over large bumps) and braking (less front end dive). Install for the brakes is simple and straightforward. Depending on the year of your JK, the passenger upper right frame end control arm bolt can suck to remove, but I've found that pulling the axle end volt completely gives it enough wiggle room to make it doable. During the reinstall, just run the bolt from the outboard to inboard with the nut on the inside, easy.
    AEV Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Drop Brackets

    Easy install, best riding lift I've had
    Alohn2000 1 year ago
    I've ran several different lifts over the years, across multiple Jeeps. CJs, TJs, LJ, several JKs, and now my JL. This is honestly the best riding lift I've ever had with over 5k miles on it now. For a daily driver that you hit the trails with occasionally, this kit is perfect.
    Dynatrac 2.0in EnduroSport Suspension System

    Easy to use, works great
    Alohn2000 1 year ago
    Used this to recalibrate my daughters JK speedo after installing 33s. Easy to use, works perfect.
    Superchips Flashcal F5 Programmer

    Worked great, noticeable difference
    Alohn2000 1 year ago
    Just installed these on my daughter's 2009 JK. We'd put the Teraflex 2.5 coil lift with Bilstien shocks on it. It rode 100% better compared to the rough country lift we took off, but still felt unsettled over bumps. With these brackets on, it's a noticeable change in how much more settled the jeep feels overall, and bumps are much smoother now. The right UCA was a pain to get out thanks to the exhaust and some Jeep engineer genius having the bolt installed from inboard to outboard, but after removing the bolt on the axle end and some pry bar persuasion, it came out. Reinstalled it through the whole in the frame that lines up perfectly, outboard to inboard.
    AEV Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Drop Brackets

    Easy install, easy adjustments
    Alohn2000 2 years ago
    This is my 3rd time using Steer Smarts parts on my Jeeps. As always, the installs are straight forward, the parts are much stronger than factory, and the steering always feels better.
    Steer Smarts Yeti XD Bottom Mount Draglink

    Easy install, steering feels great
    Alohn2000 2 years ago
    I installed this along with the rest of Steersmarts parts for the front of my 2018 JLUR while installing the Dynatrac Endurosport lift. The install was super simple, no issues at all, and my steering feels noticeably tighter/firmer and more responsive. How much of it was this versus the rest of the Steersmarts parts? I'm not sure, but for the price I feel like it's cheap insurance for limiting deflection and protecting the factory frame bracket when off road.
    Steer Smarts Yeti XD Sector Shaft Brace w/ Frame Side Track Bar Bracket

    Helped firm up the front end, the steering feels noticeably more planted over rough roads
    Alohn2000 2 years ago
    I initially installed the Dynatrac Endurosport lift with the Steersmarts track bar and steering box/selector shaft brace. After having 35" Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws installed, the front end felt a little "sloppy" over rough roads. I figured I was feeling the flex in the smaller factory tie rods and drag link, and so I went ahead and installed this package along with the Steersmarts drag link to just tighten the front end up as much as possible. It worked perfectly. The steering feels tighter, and much more planted over rough roads and washboard sections. With all the Steersmarts parts up front, it is tight getting the steering stabilizer and adjustment clamps in just the right position so everything clears when turned at full lock both directions, as well as flexed, but it is possible. I also really like having the stabilizer up top above the tie rod now and now hanging low like the factory setup. I hadn't ever hit it on anything before, but this weekend I had to clear a moderate boulder on the trail, and the factory setup would have been dang close.
    Steer Smarts Tie Rod and Teraflex Stabilizer Package

    Easy install, rides great both on and off road
    Alohn2000 2 years ago
    The kit showed up packed very well, and I appreciate the duffel bag. It's now used to hold all my recovery gear/straps/shackles/etc. I did the install by myself in my garage using basic hand and pneumatic tools, floor jacks and jack stands in about 4 hours. I've done 3 similar types of lifts on my previous JKs, and I've got to say, this one was the easiest I've ever done. Straight forward, drop the axles, replace the spring and sway bar end links, done. I've driven about 2500 miles on it so far, with about 50 miles of trails/off-road in there, and it rides better than factory all around. Less body roll and brake dive driving around town, yet less head throw off road. My front end was sitting lower due to my bumper/winch I installed before the lift, so I did put a .5" spacer in the front coils. The Jeep still has a slight rake to it, which is fine for me since I pull a small trailer often which drops it to level. If I didn't pull my trailer as often, I'd go for a .75" spacer for a perfect front to rear level stance. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the lift and it's perfect for my daily driver.
    Dynatrac 2.0in EnduroSport Suspension System

    Easy to install, works fine, no leaks
    Alohn2000 4 years ago
    Hardest part of install was getting the clamp nut loose on the factory exhaust where the crossover pipes come together into one. The factory was nice, and installed it with the nut on top, towards the bottom of the tub. So of course, with heat cycling and corrosion, it's almost welded together. Broke a crowsfoot trying to loosen it after letting it soak with penetrating oil. Had to grind the head off the factory clamp bolt, then drill it, and then go grab a generic replacement from the local auto parts store. Not a big deal, and not TF's fault, but the engineer that decided to have that clamp installed in that orientation needs a swift kick in thier mid-line cross section.
    Teraflex Exhaust Spacer Kit

    Installed w/TF 2.5 coil lift
    Alohn2000 4 years ago
    Did seem to tighten up the steering, and the Jeep feels more responsive and less floaty overall. I did have to upgrade the hardware from the factory 14mm to 9/16 (used synergy LCA and TB hardware kit), otherwise the TB was shifting back and forth with turns and I could hear and feel a slight clunk. Once the hardware was swapped out though, all that was fine and it's been tight and right since. Also made aligning the front axle to the rear axle pretty easy. Took a few times to dial it in perfect, but greatly appreciate being able to get the axles back in alignment. My OCD likes stuff to be right.
    Steer Smarts YETI XD Adjustable Track Bar

    Installed and running for 6 weeks now
    Alohn2000 4 years ago
    Rides great, better than stock. I do have the Rubicon Recon with the factory steel bumpers, and a 87lbs winch up front. With that, I got about 2in of actual lift. I see that TF offers 3in springs for overland aka heavier jku's, so I might change to those in the future for a bit more lift. But overall, perfectly happy with it for now. On the rear track bar bracket, the instructions say to install the track bar in the upper hole. It seemed to kick the rear end over to the drivers side too much on mine, so I moved it to the bottom hole after a week, and the rear axle is spaced much more evenly and the jeep feels like it tracks better through corners now. I did end up swapping my LCA and TB hardware out for the 9/16 hardware kit from synergy after a few weeks, and it made a noticeable difference in the feel of the jeep. Highly recommend just swapping the hardware out while installing the lift and saving some time.
    Teraflex Suspension 2.5in Lift Kit