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    Baxter spine on filter 3.6l JL
    Don L. 14 days ago
    2019 Jeep wrangler jl 3.6l Easy install the engine valves seem quieter on start up. No more dry starts hope this saves any future repart needs. I can do the repairs to the engine if needed but I don't want to!!!
    Baxter Performance Cartridge to Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter

    KC magnets
    Don L. 14 days ago
    2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited I have these KC magnets on 10 KC Rock lights under the Jeep and after 30,000 miles and 19 states of back country, rain, mud, snow, rock crawling thru the mountains of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, Texas just to name a few NON of them have moved or came loose in anyway. I mounted 2 more under the Jeep hood for engine lighting. These magnets are worth the money and convenience of putting your lights where you want them without drilling holes in your frame.. Highly recommend these for the KC Rock Lights.

    KC HiLiTES Magnet Mount Kit for Cyclone LED V2 Lights - 6 Pack

    Rear Antirock
    Don L. 9 months ago
    2019 Jeep Wrangler JL, A little back ground; I Have the full Teraflex CT 3.5" Alpine lift with fully adjustable Teraflex control arms front and rear coupled with Teraflex Falcon piggyback fast adjust shocks, front and rear Teraflex adjustable track bars. Yeti SteerSmats HD Tie Rod and Yeti HD Drag Link, Teraflex Falcon fast adjust steering stabilizer. About a year ago I installed the front Rockjock Antirock sway bar in the front cause I was tired of trying to reconnecting the swaybar after offloading. I'm lazy I guess. Well it is nice now not trying to reconnect that thing. Articulation was awesome and I got maybe 1 1/2" less articulation than i did with the swaybars totally disconnected. Ride was awesome on highway also without any worry of to much sway on the road. So the other day I ordered and installed the rear Rockjock Antirock sway bar and got an even bigger improvement to ride quality on road and off road. I come to the conclusion that I should have installed it at the same time I put the front Antirock on the front. They should be sold as a set front and rear because they Actually work together. If you only have the front Antirock rock installed then it fights your stiff factory rear sway bar which is something I didn't know beforehand. I know now so to get the full benefit out of your Antirock swaybars put both the front and rear on you won't regret it. The improvement with both front and rear Antirocks installed is amazing! As far as installing the rear Antirocks to get the thick plastic bar mount seated in the frame hole just use a bigger hammer and it'll go in. Other than that it's a easy install. Love the ride quality I'm getting from the Antirock swaybars front and rear!!! Oh we don't rock crawl unless there's one in our path! We overland in the back country covered 18 states in 2022 and about 9000 miles. Loving our Jeep Wrangler JL and retirement life!!! Thanks for the fast shipping Northridge 4x4 you guys are awesome.
    RockJock Antirock Rear Sway Bar Kit

    Teraflex Crankcase Vent
    Don L. 2 years ago
    19 Jeep Wrangler JL I had a catch can and all the maintenance that comes with one which is ok but my wife can't do it. Mine needed to be emptied every 1500 miles and at 1800 miles it is totally full. I seen this from Teraflex on Northridge web sight so no more catch can and save my motor at the same time in certain situations and all the oil isn't passing thru my motor being burned and causing build up in my motor. Install was easy and the kit comes with everything you need. I did add black cloth tape and extra zip ties just to keep things cleaner looking. Great product a little pricey but as you can see that didn't stop me from getting one.
    Teraflex Crankcase Vent System Kit

    Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Projector
    Don L. 2 years ago
    Got these for my 19 JL Wangler's Christmas present. During install I tied the Halos to my 8 gang switch pod. Easy install just remove the front grill and run the wires. Adjusting the lights takes a lot of trial and error when your Jeep is lifted 4"s with over size tires. The cut off line portion on the driver's side light drops down and cuts off in the center of the road so makes it hard to see going around corners and going straight down the road from the drivers view. The passenger side view is perfect.. They need a left to right adjustment on the light and not just a up and down adjustment. I'm not completely satisfied with them yet as far as adjustment goes the light cut off on the driver's side drops down from the rest of the cut off line in the center of the lane so you can only see down the road properly from the passenger side. Are the lights brighter than factory, yes, but if the driver can't see well enough then what's the point of $600 lights. I live out in the country 10 miles from closest town so it's dark out here, no street lights period. The Halos are bright and cool looking and wired to my switch pod I can turn them on or off anytime to give light. My Jeep isn't a daily driver and these headlights are a 2.5 to 3 stars so far. There needs to be a way to move that dead spot cut off line on the driver's side farther to the right so it isn't cutting off the driver's view 1/2 of the lane. I guess I need to call Oracle and talk to them maybe I received a bad driver's side light. Also there is a blue light that outlines the projected head light so all street signs show up in blue which is cool to me. Until this driver's cut off issue is solved i wouldn't daily drive with these head lights. I have 2 other vehicles with projector head lights and have no issues with them so I don't know what's up with Oracle. I'd post a picture, but it would only keep you from trying a set for yourself.
    ORACLE Lighting Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights

    Sector Shaft Yeti
    Don L. 2 years ago
    Installed this for piece of mind since the 2019 Steering box is made of aluminum and flexes. What I did notice is a little less road wonder while driving. It took out the steering box flex so well worth it. It is a little pricey but better than a broke sector shaft and being down on the trail. One more point is the bearing it has instead of a sleeve like another popular brand that needs to be greases. Less maintenance is a plus.
    Steer Smarts Yeti XD Sector Shaft Reinforcement Bracket

    Nice Bolt Upgrade
    Don L. 2 years ago
    19 Jeep JL Wranglers Install a Teraflex Alpine CT3 suspension lift with the Falcon piggyback shocks and upgraded the factory suspension bolts with this Grimm bolt kit. Nice kit with all the bolts nuts washer torque specs and placement you download from Grimm. I used blue Loctite and torque to spec, paint marked every bolt and after several thousand miles none have came loose, but I still check them every time I air down and air back up. Great bolt kit over the factory bolts.
    Grimm Offroad Hardware Upgrade Kit

    No Ice Needed Ever ARB 50qt.
    Don L. 2 years ago
    I use it in the Jeep on our adventures, at home, camping, in my shop, we take it with us when getting groceries to keep our food cold and in the Billard room while playing pool and take it with us to parties. Before our ARB fridg/freezer we used a Yeti ice chest and bought ice and it worked great until we needed more ice while camping or when sometimes as you know water from melted ice messes up your food. I hated that part of water in my food. In May when it arrived I took it out of the box and put the insulation blanket cover on it and fired it up, filled it with Silver Bullets and haven't turned it off yet 5 months 24/7 of run time on it so far. My Yeti is still sitting where I left it and haven't missed it yet. I run the ARB off 120 volt and off my solar battery box or from the Jeep battery. It's quiet and uses minimal electricity like 40 watts. I keep it cold with it set at 32 degrees. It cycles on at 34 and off at 29. It has a 2 degree differential on either side of the temp setting. There is a way to calibrate the temp swing if yours is to wide I can't remember now but YouTube university can tell you. Oh it holds the temp for a long time between cycles also since it seems to be insulated really good. All I can add is you'll never use your Yeti again at least I haven't. When I got ours Northridge had a special kit that came with the wiring harness for you vehicle, the tie down kit, the insulation blanket, a Bluetooth module and of course with the 50qt. ARB fridg/freezer. It was a little pricey but you get what you pay for and this unit doesn't drink electricity like most others do so you solar battery lasts. I love mine you'll laugh at your buddies melted ice and they'll marvel at your ARB!!! It has taken on some pretty rough trails without a hick-up so far and has performed great all summer here in Texas 100 degree heat sitting in the back of the Jeep although I don't keep it in direct sunlight. It has maintained the temp settings with ease. ARB has an App so I control and keep an eye on it from the front seat of the Jeep. Cool App ARB, you can't do that with your Yeti. I love our ARB, thanks for the kit package deal Northridge as always we love you guys too.
    ARB Classic Series 2 Fridge, 50qt

    Teraflex front swaybar disconnect
    Don L. 2 years ago
    I have the Teraflex CT3 Apline 3.5in lift with Falcon SP2 3.1 shocks. Installed the Teraflex swaybar disconnect kit, it's a easy install although I did buy a shorter 2in long bolt since the OEM bolt 4in long for the bracket that goes on the driver's side is way to long. Its an easy install and works great. Tip for use; if your not on level ground when you reconnect the swaybars then connect 1 side then roll your Jeep forward a bit till it lines up and it'll line up and you can connect it back up with ease. Nice mod little pricey but what isn't. Works great with my 3.5in Teraflex lift I installed myself.
    Teraflex Front Quick Disconnect w/ Swivel Stud Kit, Pair - 0-4in


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    How much do these weigh? Thanks Don