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    Nice ride.
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Rides nice, price was right. Smoother than factory shocks without feeling stiff.
    Fox Performance Series 2.0 Smooth Body Shock - Rear, 2in-3in Lift

    Don’t be afraid of the Body Roll
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Although they market very loudly that body roll will increase, its not anything to be put off by. Can I feel a difference, yes. Is it as bad as running no sway bar? Absolutely not. If your worried about putting this on your daily driver, don’t be. Still flexes great, and I don’t have to lay in the dirt manually disconnecting any more.
    RockJock Front Antirock Sway Bar Kit

    100% Grade A American Beef
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Super solid. Flex well. Last control arm I will buy for my Gladiator.
    Clayton Overland Plus Front Lower Control Arms

    Works as advertised
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Does what it’s supposed to do. I like the way the Jeep steers and drives, better than stock after a lift, tires and this stabilizer. Nothing dramatic to write home about, unless you crunch your stock one, not much reason to jump at buying one.
    Fox 2.0 Performance Series IFP Steering Stabilizer

    Nice ride.
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Significant ride quality improvement over the Fox factory shocks on the Rubicon Gladiator, better damping, smoother ride.
    Fox 2.0 Performance Series IFP Shock Front - 2-3in Lift

    Look nice, but dim though.
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    They look great plug right up and work just fine switching over from standard tail lights. Even being tinted I expected the LEDs to be at least as bright as factory, they are not. They are a down grade in visibility for both brake lights and reverse lights. Even had a guy thing they were out driving during the day.
    Oracle Black Series LED Tail Lights

    Exceeded my expectations
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    All I wanted was something to prevent body damage and save what was left of my plastic bumper while I figured out what steel Bumper to put on. These sliders have taken a beating, the full weight of the Jeep coming down on to a rock, and haven’t budged. Work well as a step too. Some of the welds look like they were done by a third shift apprentice but they are structurally sound.
    Bestop Rear Rock Rails - Matte Black

    If you plan on modifying your Jeep, make this your first purchase.
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Tire size, gears, LED lighting, and a hundred more things makes me need one of these. Blacking out my License Plate lights in reverse (JT owners get it), winch mode, among other things make me want to own one. This thing adds value every time I jump in my Jeep.
    Z Automotive Tazer Mini Programmer

    It’s fine.
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Doing it over I might have opted to spend a bit more. It’s well built, looks nice and functions well no rattles or anything. However, the install was a bit of a pain (2020 JL) and the cutting board is laminated wood, that has chipped away at the edge after minimal bumps and bruises. I don’t regret owning it, and I’m not going to look to replace it, but I’m not sure I would buy it again.
    Front Runner Outfitters Drop Down Tailgate Table

    Heavy duty.
    HJSTRATER 1 year ago
    Needed the extra clearance to get a 35x12.50 spare mounted and this did just the trick. Super heavy duty, easy install, and good instructions. Mine came packaged with the incorrect rubber bumpers but a quick email to LOD and they had the correct ones to my door 2 days later with no hassle. Good product, great company.
    LOD Spare Tire Riser

    Serves its purpose.
    HJSTRATER 2 years ago
    I am required to have a mounted fire extinguisher within reach of the driver to pass tech check at a local off-road park. This mounts well, out of the way and super low profile. Can’t speak for how well it puts out fires and I hope I never can!

    Element E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher