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Adding a lift kit to your Jeep Wrangler or other 4x4 will give your vehicle the added size needed to add larger tires. Northridge4x4 has a vast selection of lift kits available in a package or one piece at a time. Lift kits typically include springs, shocks, control arms, track bars, sway bars, and bump stops. We've got what you need to lift your Jeep to imprRead Moreove its off-road capability and onroad comfort. 

Lifting a Jeep to accommodate larger off-road tires (or simply because it looks great) is a common reason to look into aftermarket kits. Lifting a vehicle impacts steering, suspension, and wear on various components of your rig, which makes it all the more important to select quality parts and install your kit with precision. Before investing in a lift kit, consider the common uses of your Jeep: Will you be out bouldering every weekend? Is this 4x4 your daily driver? Maybe a mix of both? Keep your specific needs in mind as we examine different types of lift kits and the components that make up a quality kit.

Coil spring lift kits

These kits give your Jeep a lift through lengthened coil springs. A typical kit might also include longer shocks, brake line extensions, track bars, track bar brackets, control arms and sway bar links. But aftermarket coil springs do more than just give your vehicle clearance for larger tire clearance—they can also increase suspension travel due to longer springs and shocks. A coil spring kit can be as basic as a set of springs and shocks, all the way up to a complete kit which includes control arms, brake line extensions, track bars, shocks, sway bar links, bump stops and more. A basic coil spring lift can be a good choice for those who want to build their rig in chunks and add extra parts later. A more complete lift kit is great for those who want maximum performance right out of the box and the ability to adjust their alignment with adjustable control arms. Coil spring lift kits are perfect for those looking to add off-road capability, enhance ride quality and fit larger tires. 

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are a budget friendly and simple way to lift your Jeep. Utilizing spring spacers to achieve lift, leveling kits can be used in conjuction with coil spring lift kits to achieve greater height or level out the stance. Typically leveling kits do not offer improvements to ride quality or off-road capability, instead opting to retain the stock ride you know and love. Those who dont want to break the bank but still get extra height from their Jeep will find leveling kits to be an excellent option.

Lift Kits You Should Check Out


1. Teraflex Jeep Lift Kits: This is a premium quality 2.5-inch suspension kit designed to preserve the handling and stability of your Jeep while adding extra space for up to 35-inch tires.

2. EVO Jeep Lift Kits: For Wrangler enthusiasts out there looking for more of an off-road edge, this adjustable long arm suspension kit provides clearance for up to 37-inch tires and is designed with both off-road and street performance in mind.

3. Clayton Jeep Lift Kits: This particular kit features eight fully adjustable control arms engineered for superior on-road driving and carries a lifetime manufacturer warranty against bending or breaking.

4. Synergy Jeep Lift Kits: Synergy manufacturing has tiered its kits into various stages, from stage 1.5 (entry-level) to stage 4’s comprehensive suspension kit. Even the most advanced kit won’t require any welding or machining, thanks to Synergy’s hassle-free setup.

5. Rough Country Jeep Lift Kits: If you’re aiming for a self-installation option but aren’t sure where to begin, these bolt-on kits are a great option. Rough Country’s standard kit offers 3” of additional clearance and is one of the best values around.

6. Fabtech Jeep Lift Kits: Jeep owners in the market for kits 5” and above can go all out with Fabtech’s Jeep Crawler long arm setup. This system is engineered to reinforce the trucks’s frame and is prepared for heavy abuse in the most challenging conditions.

7. BDS Jeep Lift Kits: BDS is a well-regarded carrier of Jeep accessories. This kit built from high-grade steel is an all-around suspension upgrade.

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