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Dynatrac ProGrip Brake Upgrade System

MODEL # DYNJK44-2X1125-A


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Dynatrac ProGrip Brake Upgrade System ( Part Number: JK44-2X1125-A)
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Awesome improvement in stopping power 3 months ago
5out of 5stars

I have a 2017 Jeep JKU with 35’s and lots of armor which added a ton of weight. After upgrading to the Dynatrac Progrip Brake kit I can’t believe what a huge difference it makes. These things are a beast. It’s truly night and day over the stock brake system. I do recommend you have at least 17 inch rims and even then it might be a tight fit. Just double check with them on whether this kit will fit your rims without any added mods. I have 18in fuel rims and had very little clearance. I started to buy the Terraflex kit but so glad I went with Dynatrac instead.
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Upgrade brakes 4 months ago
5out of 5stars

Great feel when braking 37s. A must do if you go with larger tires. Easy install. Suggest watching YouTube video from Wayoflife. Nice step by step.
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Great upgrade 10 months ago
5out of 5stars

As easy as doing a brake job. Really upgraded the Jeeps ability to stop. My only regret was I did not do this upgrade earlier!
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Easy install 10 months ago
5out of 5stars

OK this rating is only based on the install for now. Very easy, I watched the youtube video and installed in couple hours. The brakes at first do not seam any different but I only have a few miles on them. I will come back and edit review if they are not great. Giving performance 5 star for now.
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Dynatrac brake kit 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

Wanted to upgrade my brakes, but not go into the the system. This was just the ticket. Had them for a month and getting used to the incredible stopping power. I cannot wait to try these on the trail.
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