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Grimm Offroad ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit

MODEL # GOR10013


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Grimm Offroad ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit ( Part Number: 10013)
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Grimm ARB Mounting Bracket 6 months ago
5out of 5stars
2018 JLU
Super easy to install. I decided to change over from my inside mounting bracket to under the hood using this bracket. Much better having this outside the vehicle! No inside vehicle cab noise forcing everyone out. Easier access to use and air-up. I am curious how the compressor will hold up being exposed to elements but the bracket and mounting system are perfect. I am going to put this on my other vehicles. Great design, well thought out. One thing not mentioned anywhere in reviews is how the compressor fits with aftermarket inner fender liners. I have DV8 inner fender liners and the mounted compressor on this bracket does clear the inner fender liner with a 1/4" + space so there is no rub or rattling against the inner fender liner when the compressor is on.
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Quality design and Easy to Install without Fender removal 1 year ago
5out of 5stars
Excellent quality and well thought out design from the powder coated brackets to the simple yet professionally designed switch wiring harness. Some advice to the installers: wear gloves when working with the heatshield...the edges of the heat shield were razor sharp. I followed the step by step instruction video on their website. However, i chose not to remove my fender as i noticed only the inner fenders can be pushed back to gain access to lower bracket studs and upper bracket can be accessed from the top of the engine bay. Wiring and plumbing was a breeze. Just be prepared to supply your own Ring terminals. Spending over $200 for a bracket may seem a bit much, but after ease of operation and clean installation...The price is justified.
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Perfect fit!!! 1 year ago
5out of 5stars
Amazed at how simple and perfect this install was. Everything you need is in the kit and was a quick job getting installed. Only nervous part is yanking that fender off. Always feels as if your breaking something :) Great job Gimm Offroad!!!
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Some challenges, but worth it. 10 months ago
4out of 5stars
I recently installed this bracket and ARB compressor on my 2021 JL with the 2.0L motor. The compressor heat shield was pressing against the wiring on the O2 sensor. I had to slot the compressor mounting holes, heat shield holes and the upper bracket hole. Now it has about 3/8" clearance to preserve the wires coming out of the sensor. Regarding the fender clips, I purchased a few spares ahead of time but I had to replace all of them! The estimated install time is 1.5 - 2 hours. I spent 5 because of the O2 sensor clearance issue.
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