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Steer Smarts Yeti XD Top Mount Draglink

MODEL # SSS78066001


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Description Says it All 2 years ago
4out of 5stars

The description for this product is pretty spot on so there's not much to add. Beefy, greaseable, easy to install, and made in the USA. I don't understand why companies still make top mount draglinks you have to drill out the knuckle when the only trick is to have this tapered stud that Steer Smarts provides which costs them a few cents to make I'm sure. They do offer different styles if you've already drilled the knuckle on a previous setup which is nice of them but mine was OE. Do yourself a favor and get a pickle fork for ball joints at your local autoparts store for about $10. My Jeep only had 15K miles and has had an easy life but the ball joint attached to the pitman arm wasn't coming out regardless of how much vibration I tried to create with a small sledge hammer. The ball joint nut on the passenger side knuckle requires a minimum of 105 ft lbs so you'll need a torque wrench capable of that and in order to access both turn the steering wheel all the way to the passenger side. A deep socket 21mm 6-point is necessary for the passenger side ball joint as well. YouTube's TrailRecon has a good video but they don't talk about the deep socket. I believe you torque the pitman arm down to 70 ft lbs and you can manage to do this with a regular 21mm socket but it takes some patience and depending on the head size of your torque wrench maybe a tight fit. I have the Kobalt 1/2" torque wrench and managed it. Everything goes smooth if you have the right tools...
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