Artec Industries Dana 44 Axle Armor Kit Factory Height Front - JK

Manufacturer Part # JK4411


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Brand: Artec Industries
Axle Type: Dana 44
Color: Raw Metal
Install Method: Weld On
Material: Steel
Thickness: 1/4in

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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This is designed as a heavy duty protection accessory for the front axle. It is made from mild steel which means that it has an increased strength capacity to shoulder any impact or damage orientation in the axle region. It reinforces he axle to give it a stable and strength oriented performance capacity. The axle armor kit is manufactured to not only offer protection but also increase the power transmission efficiency through fastening the axle in place and allowing seamless power relay systems.

It comes with the tracbar bracket, gussets, skids and truss to ensure the entire length of the axle is well protected. This gives the vehicle an enhanced capacity to relay power to front wheels not to mention the protecting of the axle to avoid any potential damages especially in rocky terrains. It provides a flat surface to mount the upper controls which effect the handling and stability of the vehicle. It requires welding and fabrication to establish the correct position and the effective structure that will improve performance of the vehicle. It is the ultimate shielding accessory that facilitates effective working of the axle and power relay and transmission while working to protect the processes through shielding against impact and damage.

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