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KC Hilites Gravity LED PRO 7in Headlight Pair

MODEL # KCL42341


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KC Hilites Gravity LED PRO 7in Headlight Pair ( Part Number: 42341)
KC Replaced My 2017 lights for free after the pealing 5 months ago
5out of 5stars

There are now at least two versions of these head lights. I bought a set from Northridge in 2017 and the lights were loose in the JK headlight bezel. I had to add some electrical tape to keep them from wiggling. After four years the lens of the head lights were peeling and after a bit of back and forth KC decided to ship a new pair to me. I uploaded the image that showed my deteriorated lights on this site before they agreed to replace my lights. The KC support people have said that the did change the coating on these headlights to prevent this, so I can't say that if you buy a new set that the same problem will happen. The new headlights I was sent have 100% fixed the wiggling issue with some additional tabs that lock the headlights into the JK bezel. They are also just as bright and awesome as the original ones. The old set will find a new home on an old Ford tractor as they are still super bright. I would recommend the current shipping gravity pro headlight if you are looking for a new headlight. They are much brighter than the KC gravities and the trucklites.
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Game Changer 9 months ago
5out of 5stars

And the night became day! The change from the stock lights was profound. The low beams are great and the high beams are incredible. I can now see wildlife (Elk, Moose, Bison and Deer) in the road from a far distance and I don't get flashed while I have my low beams on. The install was stupid simple and you can't beat the warranty. It has been a year since I purchase them and couldn't be happier.
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Great Headlights 1 year ago
5out of 5stars

Bought these after my other lights quit working. Far better than my old ones and install was quick and painless
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KC Headlights are darn good 2 years ago
5out of 5stars

Just installed these last night. Went for a drive. Had to adjust a little. But dang, that is a major improvement over stock. Well, a candle behind a paper is an improvement over stock. These lights light the way. Be careful flashing your brights with these, you could put an eye out!
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Requires front grill modification 2 years ago
4out of 5stars

These lights have a thick lens that will require a grill modification ( cutting of the grill). If you have a lens guard for factory headlights, they will not work with these lights. Nice bright lights though.
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