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Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differential Dana 44 30 Spline 3.73 and Down

MODEL # EAT913A589


  • Q: Truetrack  BBQ23 days ago

    I got a 2013 JK sport. I am going to 4.56 gears. Will this truetrack work for my application?
  • Q: Truetrac 913a589   kyle8329 days ago

    I know this is the part for all jk non Rubicons regardless of gear ratio, but do the bolt holes need to be drilled out to be enlarged or not? So many conflicting posts!
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      A:  The Truetrac has 3/8" and 7/16" holes. To use 1/2" ring gear bolts, you will have to drill out one set of the holes. If you are using new aftermarket gears, they will have 1/2" and 7/16" holes and the install kits come with both sets of bolts, so you can use the 7/16" bolts and no drilling of the carrier will be required.

      Northridge Kaleb @ Northridge4x4 27 days ago  
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  • Q: TrueTrac  Mike P2 months ago

    My ‘20 JT has 3.73s in the rear. My plan is to replace the front and rears with 4.88s and I considered adding the Truetrac while I’m underneath the truck. Would I need to go with a 3.92 up configuration instead of the 3.73 down? What other hardware would be required for a complete overhaul?
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      A:  This does not work with the JT Gladiators. As of yet, Eaton hasn't released any aftermarket differentials for the JL or JT.

      Northridge Kaleb @ Northridge4x4 2 months ago  
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  • Q: dana 44 fitment  thomas3 months ago

    i have a dana 44 out of a 89 Cherokee. this dana 44 only came in 3 years of cherokee with the tow package and im wondering if this is going to fit.
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      A:  If you are using a 3.73 and down(numerically) gear set, then yes. If you have a 3.92 and up(numerically) then you want p/n 913A590.

      Northridge Kaleb @ Northridge4x4 3 months ago  
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