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Steer Smarts Yeti XD Sector Shaft Brace w/ Frame Side Track Bar Bracket

MODEL # SSS79040002


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Steer Smarts Yeti XD Sector Shaft Brace w/ Frame Side Track Bar Bracket   ( Part Number: 79040002)
Evvery Jeep should have this. Stock or Upgraded 1 month ago
5out of 5stars
Rich L.
This should be on Every Jeep JL from the factory. It took me 30 minutes to install and makes the drive so much better. I have a stock 2020 Jeep Rubicon on 35's. The Pitman arm bolt came off pretty easy with a 30 inch torque bar. The rest of the installation was super easy. I lifted my jeep and supported it by the frame not the axle allowing the axle. This allowed more working room for the bolts..
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Steer smarts sector shaft brace 3 months ago
5out of 5stars
Excellent quality well built bracket, easy install.
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Must Have for Larger Tires 4 months ago
5out of 5stars
Adds strength to a vulnerable sector shaft and track bar mount. If you're going up to 37" need this brace. Well made in comparison to the competition. Getting nut off pitman is the only install issue, but can be done with impact or large breaker bar. JTR steers like butter with my 37's.
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Steer Smarts 8 months ago
5out of 5stars
Doug Marcou
Got the Steer Smarts kit with sector shaft support for my 21 JLUR because it always felt like something was flexing while driving and imperfections or inputs in the steering. Installed this kit, and instantly felt and noticed a difference in feed back and any steering input. Only concern I think the kit could improve on is having correct washers or shims to be installed between lower part of bearing and very small type per say snap ring. I would think that small keeper should have a very minimal, if any clearance ? Satisfied with product and results. Running 37’s, 5.13 gears, and 3” lift (4 door) Doug
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Easy install, steering feels great 9 months ago
5out of 5stars
I installed this along with the rest of Steersmarts parts for the front of my 2018 JLUR while installing the Dynatrac Endurosport lift. The install was super simple, no issues at all, and my steering feels noticeably tighter/firmer and more responsive. How much of it was this versus the rest of the Steersmarts parts? I'm not sure, but for the price I feel like it's cheap insurance for limiting deflection and protecting the factory frame bracket when off road.
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Fixes the sloppy steering 9 months ago
5out of 5stars
Just Jeepin
I have a 2019 JLU with a 3.5” lift and 37s and the factory aluminum steering box. Just installed this today, took about 1-2 hours, and it has completely fixed the sloppy steering. Slow speeds you don’t see much but about 40mph and up, night and day. About the install, easy. Sorry really can’t think about what else to say because it was just that easy.
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It Makes a Difference 1 year ago
4out of 5stars
I've seen mixed reviews on these parts on whether or not they do something. After installing on my 2020 JTR, I feel like there is a discernible positive difference in the before and after in terms of how the steering feels. I did have the TSB (08-074-20) done and I have the steel steering gear, so this brace is not just for rigs with the aluminum slop box. The fact that Steer Smarts uses a bearing vs a bushing steered (ahem) me towards this brand.
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