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Rock Hard 4x4 Steel Oil Pan/Transmission Skid



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Rock Hard 4x4 Steel Oil Pan/Transmission Skid ( Part Number: RH-6003)
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Very beefy skid plate 4 years ago
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I reserched skids for a long time before settleing on the Rock Hard steel skid plate. I liked the easy installation and how it attaches compaired to others that attach to the oil pan themselves. Very beefy skid and works well. You can get a VERY good look of it in my attached photo...
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Solid Skid Plate 5 years ago
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My Rock Hard 4x4 Oil Pan, Transmission and Catalytic Converters skid plate is solid and provides great protection. It comes powder coated black and has tapered bolt head protectors. The updated version of the Skid Plate has a trap door for oil changes instead of the round hole in the older versions. The trap door is solid and provides more room to change your oil, plus it has the same tapered bolt head protector. The installation instructions provided with the skid could have been better, but the skid is pretty easy to install and there are some great videos on Rock Hard 4x4 Website that I recommend watching before installing. Overall this is a solidly built skid that provides great protection for your Oil Pan, Transmission and Catalytic Converter.
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Sturdy and looks slippery but install instructions need improvement 2 years ago
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These are my observations after installation on a stock 2017 JKU Sahara. Design Evaluation: - While I cannot attest from actual off road use of the skid plate, by inspection I can see it is orders of magnitude better than the stock providing nice angular deflection over the oil pan and tender parts of the jeep. - Oil plug access was critical for me and the large access hatch to the plug is wonderful. - The 1/2 tapered washers are a great idea to protect the bolt heads. I can attest that during the install my original bolt heads were so chewed up from rocks I could not slip socket to over the head. It looks like the large tapered donuts should help that situation and provide a more "slippery" skid over an obstacle. - There is an inspection plate to allow removal of debris that might collect near the exhaust. A huge improvement in the design would be to provide captured threads in the plate rather then requiring the user to reach into the hot exhaust area to hold the nut where the bolt is freed. Installation experience: - The Jeep has to be raised 6 inches or so to crawl under for access. I only needed to put the front end up on stands to get reasonable access for my 250lb bulk to work under the Jeep. - The written instructions were poor with few pictures but the online RH4x4 video was a big help but still could easily be better. - The stock bolt heads on the transmission cross member holding the stock oil pan skid were scored from dragging across rocks and had large burrs in the preventing a socket from fitting. I had to file down the burrs to be able to fit the socket. - Using the floor jack to lift the skid in place was a big help. - The hardware provided is not labeled in the instructions so it would help to organize it before starting the install. I mention this because there are 2 different thread 1/2 inch bolts. I made the mistake of grabbing the wrong one when bolting the skid into the transmission and could not get it to start until I compared and realized it was a metric threaded bolt needed. - The 2 brackets that support the front of the skid attach to the engine mounts. It was very difficult to visualize the installation from the video but there were enough clues so that once you got into it you could figure it out. Access to tighten the bolts is very awkward and the RH installation video does not show at all the tightening of these bolts. in the engine mounts. Suffice to say it takes some angular acrobatics to hold the nut while tightening the bolt. Maybe this would not be such an issue on a lift but it would have been great if RH provided some advise here as we spend a lot of time struggling to get those bolts tightened. - There is an inspection plate that bolts into the frame and the video shows the installer doing this. However the hole in the plate is larger then the head of the bolt so it slips through. this is easily solved by using the factory bolt with washer that originally was in this hole. Conclusion: Appears to be a good sturdy design and significant improvement over the stock skid. The installation could have been smoother with better written instructions. The video was a great help and once you get into the install you are able to work through the gaps of the instructions.
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