Rock Hard 4x4 Steel Oil Pan/Transmission Skid - JK

Manufacturer Part # RH-6003


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Brand: Rock Hard 4x4
Color: Black
Finish: Powder Coat
Install Method: Bolt On
Material: Steel
Material Thickness: 3/16in

Mfgr. Warranty: No Warranty
Condition: New Product
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Rock Hard 4x4 offers the heaviest duty oil pan and transmission skid plate that's been modified for long arm suspension. Hardcore rock crawlers and light duty fire road explorers can utilize the Rock Hard 4x4 skid plate system for their build list. The 3/16"" thick plate steel skid plate protects the engine oil pan from trail debris and other obstructions. This unique design provides the only skid plate system to fully protect your dual catalytic converter system!

This 3/16"" thick skid plate is manufactured using a solid sheet of steel that's formed and hand welded into its protective design. It features creature comforts including a laser cut access door for the drain plug and RH4x4 exclusive ""rock dome"" bolt head protectors to be used with the factory supplied mounting hardware. This skid system is undoubtedly the industry's best premium system available.

RH4x4 is first to use laser cut and precision bent drop brackets that use the frame, not the motor mount, as front support locations. This means the skid transfers zero engine and transmission vibration throughout the chassis. This allows the motor and transmission to continue to flex in their mounts naturally without bracing them to the frame rails. This creates a smoother, quieter ride that lacks the annoying creaks, ringing, vibrating and harsh performance of inferior systems. The rear of our skid plate mounts to the transmission cross member.

NOTE: Aftermarket cross members may require customer supplied bolts. The pattern is correct but some manufacturers are using different thread patterns. As with any major vehicle upgrade peace of mind can be included with the help of professional installation of the system.



Five Stars Across the board!
Timberman 7 months ago
I just finished installing the Rockhard Oil Pan and Transfer case skid over the weekend and the results far exceeded my expectations. First, the fine folks at Northridge promptly shipped both skids out same day ordered and I received them within two business days. I have only placed a couple of orders with Northridge, but thus far I am exceedingly impressed with their knowledge and exemplary service. I (much like another reviewer) labored over the idea of which skid to purchase and just when I thought I had my decision made, in came the Rock Hard into the equation. I am definitely happy with my decision in choosing the Rock Hard skids. These two skids in conjunction offer outstanding protection and I feel each will handle years’ worth of abuse. Most of the reviews and installation videos online indicate this as being an easy installation. I have this unique ability of making "easy" tasks extraordinarily difficult, but this one was pretty easy. Their instructions are good, but I found it easier to use their Youtube install video along with the printed instructions. The only thing I would recommend if you are doing the transfer case and oil pan skid together is to leave everything relatively loose until the end. If you are doing it alone have a floor jack and jack stands handy because they will make your life much easier. Really the hardest part on the install was getting the motor mount brackets tight enough without slamming into the transmission lines. THAT is where an easy job could get extraordinarily difficult.

Very beefy skid plate
9 months ago
I reserched skids for a long time before settleing on the Rock Hard steel skid plate. I liked the easy installation and how it attaches compaired to others that attach to the oil pan themselves. Very beefy skid and works well. You can get a VERY good look of it in my attached photo...

Outstanding skid!!
zachforsyth 2 years ago
I spent a lot of time researching engine/oil pan skids and ended up choosing the Rockhard setup primarily because of the BEEF, coverage, ease of install, low profile, etc. The service window to get to the oil pan drain plug is going to be a godsend in the future and with the addition of a Fumoto quick drain valve oil changes will be a rapid task to undertake. The install was easy on my 2014 JKUR, all holes lined up nicely and the finish of the entire skid and accessories was great. I would have no hesitation dropping the entire weight of the Jeep onto this skid!

Rock Hard Skid "ROCKS"
cctx50 2 years ago
I recently purchased a Rock Hard Skid for my 2013 JKUR Auto. Soon after installing I went to Jeep Jamboree Texas Spur. I must say, that I am glad that I went this route. The RH skid surely protected my Jeep. I would highly recommend Rock Hard Skids.

Solid Skid Plate
Damtall55 2 years ago
My Rock Hard 4x4 Oil Pan, Transmission and Catalytic Converters skid plate is solid and provides great protection. It comes powder coated black and has tapered bolt head protectors. The updated version of the Skid Plate has a trap door for oil changes instead of the round hole in the older versions. The trap door is solid and provides more room to change your oil, plus it has the same tapered bolt head protector. The installation instructions provided with the skid could have been better, but the skid is pretty easy to install and there are some great videos on Rock Hard 4x4 Website that I recommend watching before installing. Overall this is a solidly built skid that provides great protection for your Oil Pan, Transmission and Catalytic Converter.

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