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Steer Smarts YETI XD Track Bar Relocation Bracket

MODEL # SSS79017001


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Fitment Issues but Quality 2 years ago
4out of 5stars

I would encourage you to watch the video on their website for installation. The instructions and video mention drilling out the smaller holes next to the main bolt on the bottom part of the bracket but I didn't realize it at first, not a big deal but still. The next issue was the axle u-bolt as the ends were flared a little so getting them to run through the two holes behind the alternate SS moutning point it was almost impossible...did I mention this is one of the last steps after you've bolted everything down ha. I unbolted everything that was attached to the bracket and installed the u-bolt first which made life easier but I still had to bend the u-bolt ends some. Despite those issues the instructional video is 4/5 stars, there's two different mounting mounts for your SS so it doesn't hit the diff cover and I like how there's two different mounting points for your trackbar. I have JKS quicker disconnects for +3" lift and was still able to use them with the additional hardware provided albeit I had to shorten them all the way to get 0 degrees on my swaybar. Remember to completely remove the lower JKS disconnect hardware on the passenger side before the bracket is installed. A bit pricey for a relocation bracket but I'm hoping this is one I'll never have to weld onto the axle.
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