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Teraflex Front/Rear Delta Brake Kit, 5x5 Pattern

MODEL # TER4403450


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Teraflex BBKs are worthless. Read this before you buy 2 months ago
2out of 5stars

Specific Post about Big Brake Kits. Bit of a long term review. JK still streetable, but treated more as a dedicated wheeler last 2-3 years. Owned both the larger rotor/stock caliper, and the delta. Bought the BBK in 2015. Deltas in 2019. Waste of money. The stock upgrade bbk has a bad casting design specifically in the rear where it ejects pad clips so the pad is able to free float in the bracket and prematurely wear out. Went through a set of wagners in 8k and Ebcs in 5k with new rear rotors and teraflex sending me a new bracket... same. Worse actually. All 4 came out instead of 1 or 2. I have pictures. The Delta I saw as the solution. With other kits 3K+ for all 4 corners, the price point was attractive, but still not cheap at just over 2. The things you dont realize until you have them in your hand, single side bleeder over one on each side like a baer wilwood or brembo. Bleeder is up highest point but sticks out so it could get caught while wheeling (hasnt luckily) and the banjo is all the way at the lowest point where it can get caught on passing rocks. My pass rear has turned the banjo left twice (on the driver it would tighten it if that happened). You know when you loose pedal. Its fun... lol. I keep a 15mm in my console and a spare banjo and brake lines and brake fluid in my kit because you never know... It didnt give me anymore braking performance over the stock upgrade is the worst part. So I added the JK8 booster... Still not much better. Better than stock. Also requires 30" lines on 11" shocks... The stock banjo is center of caliper... so is a brembo btw... nickel and dime after you get them. So Ive had the Deltas for a year and a half. 3500 miles. Not a daily driver. Rock wheeling and trailered. Pads on all four corners are gone. So I bought some hawks. Taking the pads off? The pistons are regular steel. Not stainless, not aluminum, not composite. Pitting rust. There are 16 of them. All of them. Teraflexes solution? I should wash my Jeep, lol. Mine is wheeled, washed, garaged. Never snow/salt. When you have to switch out brake pads every year, it doesnt really matter does it? Itd be nice if the rest of it were made with quality components to save the half baked design, but both suffer. Save your money if you want a big brake kit. Long term, youll spend more money with Teraflex. Wilwood, Brembo, Baer. All cheaper long term and far less maintenance and stops better (Have brembos on my Durango RT... smooth control... 15K since install and pad is still 80/90%). I should have learned after the first kit... Read this and buy something else. 2 out of 5 stars.
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