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Steer Smarts YETI XD Adjustable Track Bar

MODEL # SSS75033001


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Awesome Track Bar 10 months ago
5out of 5stars
Bought to replace my stock trackbar. I knew it was going to be bigger, but did a side by side comparison and the stock one looked like a toothpick compared to this. The colour really pops, minor scratch the size of a thumb tack but otherwise perfect condition. Noticably better drive after installing. Assembling the forgings together was easy, installing and making adjustments also no big deal. I did the swap solo, but it is a much heavier bar than the OEM so if you have someone to help hold it in place, will probably save you some stress. Definitely buying the rear matching bar in the near future.
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Beefy 2 years ago
5out of 5stars
Guy No 1
Replaced a welded up MetalCloak with this. Very happy. Easy to adjust, very solid, no play in the adjustment or ends. Expensive but worth it.
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Installed w/TF 2.5 coil lift 4 years ago
5out of 5stars
Did seem to tighten up the steering, and the Jeep feels more responsive and less floaty overall. I did have to upgrade the hardware from the factory 14mm to 9/16 (used synergy LCA and TB hardware kit), otherwise the TB was shifting back and forth with turns and I could hear and feel a slight clunk. Once the hardware was swapped out though, all that was fine and it's been tight and right since. Also made aligning the front axle to the rear axle pretty easy. Took a few times to dial it in perfect, but greatly appreciate being able to get the axles back in alignment. My OCD likes stuff to be right.
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