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Tazer Mini JLU 2020 4 months ago
5out of 5stars
Bought this cause we installed a lift with larger tires & changed the gears as well. But after installing this it has so many fun & useful features to use other than what I originally ordered it for. Really enjoy the learning of buttons it has on it as well as the live features like (Line Lock) is a fun toy to play with & (Rock Crawl) feature looks like it will come in very handy (Winch Mode) is so easy to use these features with the simple press of two buttons on the wheel. They really put some thought into making these features so handy and easy to use. Definitely would recommend this product Only cons is the installation 😂 if you have large hands it’s not easy to unplug the plugs for it from the Jeep’s plug. But besides that everything was smooth and simple from updating it to plug-in-play.
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Very good 4 months ago
5out of 5stars
Was bought to remove constant weather alerts. Really like being able to remove tire pressure alarms and auto shutdown as well. Would like an option to remove auto park.
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Ranks as a top mod for the JT! 6 months ago
5out of 5stars
When I got the Tazer mini, I had already had dealer updated sales code for larger tires and aux switches. So I had t consider if Tazer cost at this point was worth the investment. After the install, no question this update adds value to ownership of a new Gladiator. There are so many features that plain add to the experience. Things like front view camera, rear camera activation on turn signal, increased RPM in winch mode, and the list goes on. So glad I pulled the trigger and very easy to install and program.
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not bad at all 1 year ago
5out of 5stars
nice item came to me pretty quick and it just took me alittle bit of time to install it. but it does the job i want it to do for my jt. i do plan on putting bigger tires and lift on my truck so i went ahead and bought this now. it turns off the auto stop off and does a bunch more. i very happy with it right now will come back later after i install the lift and tire and add to this
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The Tazer does all that it promises. 1 year ago
5out of 5stars
I lifted my Gladiator, and added 35, needed to reset the shift points and tires size in computer. The Tazer did what was advertised, and more. Added LED lights and was able to tell the truck I had them Also, was able to freak the service guy out at the dealership. I changed the start screen to say Rubicon, but I have a sport :)
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Tazer mini is a go 1 year ago
5out of 5stars
Since lifting the Jeep and adding larger tires the Tazer solved a few problems that caused. The speedo and shift points are now aligned with the mods. Tons of fun options, some fun and most very functional. If you want the most out of your Jeep get a Tazer!
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It works...kinda 10 months ago
3out of 5stars
I bought this and the front facing camera. More about the camera on it's review. The Tazer updating and installation were very easy and I really appreciated the Mac option - usually we either have to borrow a Windows based machine or use a Windows emulator. I'm also interested in all the various options beyond updating tire size...eventually will get to play around with most. But I have two unresolved issues with the unit and that's keeping me from trying other settings. First, we cannot have both the InMotion and TurnCam on at the same time. We also seem to be missing some setting options. We've gone through several updates and sleep cycles. Married and unmarried and tried to update (still on the latest version). But this has not fixed it. The second is that with turn cam on (our preference over in motion), it doesn't always work to display the rear camera (mostly, but not always). This may all be user error... but the instructions are pretty straight forward and despite following them (fully twice so far), it's not working as we expected.
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