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EVO Manufacturing 3in Enforcer Lift Kit, Stage 3 - JK

MODEL # EVO1063-35S3


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EVO Manufacturing 3in Enforcer Lift Kit, Stage 3 - JK ( Part Number: 1063-35S3)
Impressive 4 months ago
5out of 5stars

After months of research on a lift that would be a comfortable daily driver as well as a capable off-road rig I settled on the enforcer stage 3 for several reasons. 1: I live in SoCal we have pretty much every type of terrain you could ask for with in a 2 hour drive except mud. Evolution is based out here so I figured that their suspension would be more tuned for what we got around here. 2: upgradability. I liked the fact you can upgrade as you go. this was something that was important to me since I wanted something I could upgrade as my skills and budget increased. 3: Price and completeness. So like all the more complete higher end kits this one isn't exactly budget friendly especially when paired with the king 2.5 adjustable shocks and hydrolic bump stops. But you do get what you pay for. The control arms are massive nice thick brackets. You can tell they made this thing to be thrashed. Now for the actual review. Like most people my Jeep spends a lot of time on pavement so it needs to be comfortable driving around town. While I wouldn't call it a Cadillac I would definitely say at least with the king's it will handle like a BMW. It's tight responsive and absorbs the bumps in the California roads like nobodies business. Off road it's a short/mid arm beast. Good articulation means you keep your tires on the ground while climbing on the rocks. In the Sandy washes is absorbs all the little bumps and g outs with ease. On the rough desert trails I was able to hit 60mph without the vehicle feeling unstable at any point. And coming home after a 300 mile+ round trip both me and my sister never felt stiff or abused by the ride. Very happy with this lift and I expect to be getting more Evo upgrades in the future .
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EVO Manufacturing 3in Enforcer Lift Kit, Stage 3 - JK (Part Number: )