Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers - JK 4dr

MODEL # PSP18-08-030
Manufacturer Part # 18-08-030


MSRP: $665.50

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Brand: Poison Spyder
Install Method: Bolt On
Material: Steel
Qty: 2
Finish: Raw
Style: Bar

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Condition: New Product
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Protect Your Rocker Panels with Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers

If you love going off-roading but you don't want to destroy your Jeep's rocker panel, you have to check out the Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers. Just because the trails might be a little tougher, that doesn't mean your vehicle has to take a beating along the way. You can enjoy hardcore off-roading and prevent damage to your vehicle at the same time.

Your rocker panels tend to be the most vulnerable of all components when it comes to off-roading. As you make your way through the courses, your rocker panels take a beating from the sides and the underneath. However, that won't be an issue when you have the Poison Spyder Rocker Knockers on your vehicle.

They keep your vehicle protected using a 3/16-inch plated steel armor. They hug your Jeep and form a glove-like fit without sacrificing your ground clearance. The pieces have bolt holes countersunk in them for you to use the steel hardware that gives you a flat surface that allows you to easily slide over obstacles without having to worry about obstructions. Instructions and mounting hardware is included. The knockers bolt right to your Keep in all the key areas and interface with the underside to strengthen the body. Since the part mounts right to the body, you don't have to worry about alignment issues or gaps.



poison spyder rocker knocker
10 months ago
very solid protection i love the fact they are frame mounted so if you need to remove them you wont have all the holes from the body mounted version. well priced for the overall protection you get. i had mine defender bedlined and insert color matched to my jeep

Great Product
Toxic Crush 1 year ago
I like that the body mounted Rocker Knockers sit higher on the Jeep’s tub and provides more ground clearance. However, they use nutserts to attached to the sheet metal. I hate nutserts, they are a pain in the butt. If I was running a long arm kit I’d probably have to go with the body mounted variety. Most long arm systems use the same mounting location as the frame mounted outriggers. Since the Poison Spyder Frame Mounted Rocker Knockers attach directly to the Jeep’s frame rail, the Jeep is better protected from side and vertical impacts. I have no doubt this will hold the entire weight of my Jeep if it comes to that. My only concern with the outrigger design of the frame mounted version is their tendency to hang up on obstacles. But, that’s why we have a skinny pedal. I’ll take that chance to avoid nutserts. Did I mention I hate them? They Rocker Knockers arrived quickly and well-packaged. However, I had one issue, I received 2 drivers side skins and no passenger skin. It was assembled upside down so it appeared correct from a glance but the oval dimples pointed out. A quick phone call to Northridge along with a few photos in an email and a new set of skins were on their way. Northridge has great customer service, not to mention free shipping which can’t be cheap to ship heavy Jeep parts from the west coast to Missouri. PSC sells replacement skins that come with new hardware, that’s what I received to complete my purchase. So, I now have 3 drivers side skins, one passenger side skin and 2 sets of hardware—score. I have a backup for my back on the driver’s side. Any bets on which side gets damaged first? I’m a fairly lucky guy but I’m a firm believer in the principle, “two is one and one is none”. Only time will tell. I love the look, it really bothered me seeing the naked pinch seam. The Rocker Knockers hug the tub more than I expected and sit lower than I expected. I’d say the most popular version of this product is the body mounted variety, based on my non-scientific survey of Jeep forums. I’ve noticed some of my passengers try to use it as a step to enter the Jeep. It isn’t designed or intended as a step.

Love it
Jeremy 1 year ago
Great product. Easy install with some tools. This was a great addition for my JKU.

Love it
Jeremy 1 year ago
Great product easy installation with some tools. This was a great addition to my JKU.

Great product
Jeremy 1 year ago
This is a great product. The install was easy with some tools. A great addition to my JKU.

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