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Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger w/Tuner (Part Number: )
Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger w/Tuner (Part Number: )
Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger w/Tuner
JK 2012-14
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Part # 1527

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The Edelbrock E.Force supercharger kit w/tuner is a performance enhancer kit that amplifies the power of the vehicle and delivers a strong and durable energy that is able to propel an automobile. The supercharger kit customizes the cold air intake process which ensures complete combustion is established that ultimately leads to enhanced power production. The supercharger is installed in the engine to modify the power generation and transmission system to give enhanced power capacity to the transmission shafts and wheels.

The Edelbrock E.Force supercharger kit w/tuner is able to deliver a higher RPM with minimum air restriction which translates to added power and increased efficiency in power transmission from the engine. The tuner allows a driver to make the customization needed to boost performance while guaranteeing that no engine stress will be effected in the process through facilitating an efficient use of the power generated by the engine under normal circumstances.

The Edelbrock E.Force supercharger kit w/tuner has been manufactured to provide increased torque which is effective in off throttle performance of the vehicle which gifts power and control to a driver in difficult terrains. The amplification process of the supercharger ensures that the horsepower capacity is increased with an instant and reliable setting to provide the energy and power needed to propel the automobile and orchestrate improved strength. This supercharger kit is perfect for delivering additional power and increased efficiency in usage of fuel to deliver the power. Its effective tuning ensures the capacity of operation can be altered to fit varied power requirements.


Brand: Edelbrock
Hardware Included: Yes
Intercooled: Yes
Type: Supercharger Kit
Condition: New Product



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Well made system 4 months ago
5out of 5stars

Needing more HP for my 2013 manual trans Rubicon, I considered an engine swap. But in California, swapping an engine and getting it legal with the BAR referee is getting more and more difficult. This supercharger is smog legal, so I decided to go that route. I'm a handy guy with a shop and found nothing difficult about this installation. It is a weekend job for the first one. If I did another and all went well, maybe a guy could do it in a day. The instructions, all 125 steps, are incredibly detailed. It pays to read every word, not just look at the picture and skim the words. A couple times I thought the instructions were lacking, then I read them again carefully and had my answer. After the installation was done, it started on the first crank, had no leaks, no check engine lights and it drove like it was a factory installed option. Power is for sure better, not "oh my goodness" better, but it's probably an honest 100 hp gain at the wheels. My goal is for better power in getting to the trails, which invariably requires a drive up into the mountains. I doubt we will see any difference in low range crawling down a trail, but we did not need more power for that anyway. Here are the minor problems I had. 1. Instruction #94 has the bracket upside down. It matters, that set me back a half hour figuring that out and swapping it around. The Lisle funnel they recommended for filling the inter-cooler did not have the correct adapter, so was useless as purchased. I made an adapter out of a PVC fitting and that worked. It's a handy filter. Lastly, every single part (and there are a lot of parts) was correct except for one important hose from the inter-cooler to the heat exchanger. It took a 4 days to get that part despite Edelbrock being located in California and the assurance from them that they would over-night the hose. That was little frustrating, but at least when the part arrived it was correct. Sounds like their tech guy for superchargers is a bit over worked. Friendly on the phone, but I think his plate was a little too full to deliver as promised. Quality wise, I'd give this 6-stars if I could. And I'm fussy. As for Northridge, they are awesome. It is my go to place for performance parts, winches, etc.
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