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JKS JSPEC 2.5in Suspension Lift Kit (Part Number: )
JKS JSPEC 2.5in Suspension Lift Kit
JKS JSPEC 2.5in Suspension Lift Kit (Part Number:103K)
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Part # 103K
msrp: $1,245.00

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Are you ready to take your off-road vehicle to the next level? JKS Manufacturing can get you there. This is the JSPEC 2.5" Suspension System has been intended to be a dual purpose kit that will allow users to use their vehicles for comfortable daily driving duties while having the capabilities to drive beyond the limits of factory suspension. This kit features several key components that will bring out the off-road spirit animal in your vehicle.

This kit begins with the Fox Adventure Series Front and Rear Shocks. These shocks have been designed to provide a quality ride quality control on multi levels of terrain.

A JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar is included which is necessary when having any kind of lift to restore and correct the geometry for optimum handling. Although when compared to the factory track bar, the JKS unit employs premium durometer bushings at each end of the bar for a quiet operation. One end is adjustable, and has a 1-1/4" -12 threaded adjustable end  that allows for fine tunability This track bar measures in at 1-1/2" X 3/8" and is constructed from wall DOM tubing. Because this track bar is adjustable, users can achieve proper steering angles, and keep the bump steer controlled.

A pair of JKS Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects will be included for those who need to achieve better angles for articulation. JKS was one of the originators behind the concept of quick sway bar disconnects, and today it still remains as one of the better designs. Using the JKS Front Sway Bar Disconnects are easy, and come provided with stainless steel mounting studs to make for a great anchoring point for each end of the links. 

When you add any sort of lift, Front and Rear Brake Line Location Brackets will be included to get the brake lines out of the way during suspension cycling. This bracket kit utilizes the factory brake line mounting holes and location tabs. This way the brackets won't rotate and become loose. These were designed to work specifically for the shocks included with the JSPEC system. 

A rear Track Bar Bracket will be included to keep the rear suspension in alignment with the front suspension. With the rear track bar bracket, users will be able to raise the track bar mount position will flatten the track bar angles to allow adjustments to the roll center height. The factory rear track bar bracket is known to be a weak point on the vehicle, the JKS unit is made of 3/16" steel, and these will brace directly to the axle tube reinforcing the factory mount to handle the perils of the trail.

Lastly, Front and Rear Bump Stop Extensions are included to maximize suspension travel while maintaining safe compression limits for both coil springs, and the FOX 2.0 shocks. The front extensions are fabricated from 3/4" billet aluminum, and the rears are fabricated from heavy-wall steel rectangular tube. Both sets will install on the axle, and are designed to handle the rough elements that the JSPEC suspension kit will handle. 


Brand: JKS
Coil Spring Type: Linear
Control Arms Included: No
Hardware Included: Yes
Install Method: Bolt On
Lift: 2.50in
Lift Type: Spring and Shock
Shocks Included: Yes
Tire Clearance: 35.00in
Track Bar Included: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Condition: New Product
Return Policy:



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