Advance Adapters RubiCrawler w/42RLE Transmission

Manufacturer Part # RUBI-JKA


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Brand: Advance Adapters

Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Condition: New Product
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The Jeep 42RLE transmission has a stock tailhousing that is approximately 7 inch long. The rear output shaft in this tailhousing is actually a spud shaft, that pulls out of the rear of the main transmission case and leaves the stock output shaft in place. The RubiCrawler has a custom input gear that couples to this transmission main shaft with no modifications to the transmission. This new input gear drives 6 planetary gears that gives the RubiCrawler the 2.72:1 reduction. The RubiCrawler housing is exactly the same length as the stock tailhousing and includes a new 23 spline output shaft that couples the rear of the RubiCrawler to the stock transfer case, leaving everything in the stock location. The RubiCrawler uses the oil feed from the transmission for lubrication and shares fluid with the transmission.

The RubiCrawler's shifting mechanism utilizes push/pull cable technology for a smooth and easy shift. The universal cable shifter is included with the purchase of your RubiCrawler. The universal shifter should be used if your vehicle is equiped with an Atlas transfer case.

We also offer a twin stick cable shifter for the Jeeps. These kits are designed to fit the stock TJ and JK consoles.

The Jeep TJ's twin stick shifter replaces the standard hard linkage. We have designed a twin stick shifter that comes through the stock console for a clean installation that operates the RubiCrawler and the stock NP231 or NP241 transfer case.

The twin stick JK shifter also provides a twin stick shifter through the stock console. This kit retains the stock transfer case cable with the addition of the new RubiCrawler cable.

These shifters are a additional charge but are the best suited for most installations. Note, if your vehicle does not have a stock transfer case, The universal shifter should be used.

Ratio possibilities:

* Stock New Process 231/241 are a 2.72:1 and a 7.40:1
* Stock NP Rocktrac are a 2.72:1, 4.0:1 and a 10.88:1
* Atlas 2.0 are 2.0:1, 2.72:1 and a 5.44:1
* Atlas 3.0 are 2.72:1, 3.0:1 and a 8.16:1
* Atlas 3.8 are 2.72:1, 3.8:1 and a 10.44:1
* Atlas 4.3 are 2.72:1, 4.3:1 and a 11.70:1
* Atlas 5.0 are 2.72:1, 5.0:1 and a 13.60:1

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